Request for a Wiki update


I would like to make aware of the following situation:

Yesterday, I imported, upon request of other roleplayers, new templates from the English Wikipedia. By doing so, some of the templates and modules we used before (2-3 years old) were updated. This has lead to the following error message appearing now on multiple pages:

After some research, the solution for the problem appeared to be clear:
Just replace the new module code with the old code for the module, that doesn’t include the “strict” argument. Unfortunately I must report, that this did not solve the problem. Additionally, other templates and modules also seem to have been updated to require the strict argument and to be honest, I do not have the time to go through all templates and modules we have now and find a fitting “old” version of all of them atm.
The second way to fix the problem appears to be, to update MediaWiki, in particular the Scribunto extension. That’s why I’d like to kindly request an update of our TSPedia in that regard.

Thanks a lot in advance for doing so!
If any more information is needed, I’m happy to provide it as far as I’m able to.


The version of MediaWiki installed is EOL. Will need to fully upgrade the wiki.

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Alright. I can announce on the RP-Server before the upgrade, that the Wiki will have a downtime and activity should be ceased until the upgrade is over, if you want.

The update is happening now, no ETA on completion.

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Update is complete. You may need to reimport those templates.


Good evening,

unfortunately the community now receives following error, when uploading images:

(Image by ZeroXZ)

(Screenshot by me after trying uploading a file myself)

Could it have been, that the update led to a default setting, that doesn’t allow the upload of new pictures anymore?

Not sure if Roavin got to this before I did, but I’m not seeing that error when uploading a file. The folder permissions are correct on the backend. Try again?

Everything seems to work now. The two roleplayers, who made aware of the error, and me also don’t get an error message anymore.