Republic of Aramarkinark

Name: Aramarkinarkia [Republic of Aramarkinarkia]
System of Government: Republic
Currency: Rabaoudax
Capital: New Aramarkinarkia


The republic of Aramarkinark is a nation with several main cities, including the most populated and the capital city of Aramarkinarkia, New Aramarkinark, with 28,725,181 civilians. Then there is the 2nd most populous city, and a major city, Layashana, with 18,530,173 civilians. Then there is another major city, more northeast of Layashana, called Manhortandla. This has 8,373,173 civilians inhabiting the city. Lastly, the city more north of Layashana, Segoangoa. This has 4,374,372 civilians living in it. Then there are the 2 mountains, called Mt. Lalaonga, with the summit being 450 meters, and Mt. Aramarkinark, with the summit being 283 Meters.


The Republic of Aramarkinark’s name came from the leader, called “Aramarkinark Aram”. The leader is strangely a teenager, after the previous leader, 92 years old, “Alamanide Aram” passed away last year, and gave it to Aramarkinark Aram, because Aramarkinark was the only son he had at the time that wanted a thing to do with Alamanide. Aramarkinark Aram named the nation after himself. The nation was founded from a group of Native “Anramalak”. They then started to try and establish a central government, and a work system for the nation. There was a lot of jobs for working in mineshafts . This was because of the need to develop infrastructure. In 1795, One civilian decided to cross Mt. Aramarkinark to see how other tribes developed, and saw how developed the other countries were compared to them. He brought this information back to the central government, and started forming ideas as of how to construct the buildings he saw, and suggested a national infrastructure reform to the government, to be able to keep up with the nations around them.
The government put the ideas into motion in 1797. This caused a great inconvenience to many, and some people decided to work overtime in the mines to pass the time instead of sitting outside in the outdoors. One of the miners struck a resource majorly needed for the infrastructure reform, and gave it to the government, in return for a boost in their paycheck. Once the infrastructure reform finished in 1804, the nation’s infrastructure increased by a lot, the major cities started looking like actual cities instead of areas with hundreds of tents and makeshift sheds, and several mines. It had actual homes, structures, and actual workplaces. In 1805, they started to learn a handful of skills the other nations had, including Trade Routes, Militaries, Swords, Military Equipment at the time, and more. There was a neighboring nation that was good trade partners with the nation, but what was not known yet, their militaries were starting to form a battle plan, thinking it would be easy. Little did they know, the new nation had a strong defense force, with good tactics in the case of war. One of the defense generals of one of the armies started a mountain duty on Mt. Aramarkinark, and Mt. Lalaonga, having their militaries set camp on top of the tall mountains, to in the case of an invasion, attack the militaries invading below with arrows and bullets from Muskets, obtained from trading. Once the other nation started attacking, the army started being attacked from the soldiers on patrol of the mountain. They then decided to turn and swim, but by then only 21% of the army was remaining. They were then confronted and attacked without warning. According to history books, there was a hidden cave where they attacked, where some of the defense forces were stationed and attacked. They surprisingly won the battle, and started making a push with 32% of the defense forces, which were also trained for offensive attacking. They reached their capital, and forced them to surrender. The nation had to pay war reparations after the war. Then the nation declared neutrality. Then in 1843, they held a vote for a proper name for the nation. They settled with a name called “Republic of Alaramarkinide”. In 1932, the nation had a major economic boost that led to the modern day prosperity of the ROA. It nearly tripled the economy at the time. The cause is still unknown as of yet, but experts are guessing they either increased their trade with other nations, or they sold one too many goods in a error with one of their staff. These effects then caused for nationwide infrastructure reforms, taking 5 years to upgrade the infrastructure once again. They then started to build several Monuments, including the Statue of Neutrality, honoring their neutrality, the Economic Park, containing several major factories for companies, and focusing on quality of life. In 2006, they finished ANOTHER infrastructure reform, following new technology, and creating one of the earliest models of electronic billboards within the nation, installed onto buildings, and creating an environment much like New York City. In 2032, in the current day, the nation is prosperous with 68,282,134 civilians. Every major city has tall skyscrapers with electronic billboards everywhere, there is a major Hydro-Thermal Power Plant, named “Ft. Krew”, renamed after the previous leader’s child was put into office, and the nation has a great Quality Of Life index, with equal rights for everyone in the nation. There are farms covering the countryside of the nation, which is rich of elements essential for a good farming environment. The nation has $15.6T GDP, with the Armed Forces being highly trained with reworked tactics from the 1800s for defense, with 232,432 troops, 5.8k Mobilized Units [tanks, jeeps, Humvees, artillery, etc.], 78,372 troops being specially trained for Paratrooping, 378 naval assets, 5.7k Millitary Aircraft, with adults over 32 years old being trained how to operate all Aramarkinarkian Weaponry, then being let go being told to be ready to be called to the frontlines at a moment’s notice. The nation has a demand for jungle tourism, and is known for its animals that live within them.