Rehy-Akropii First Contact

[From: Grand Administrative AI | To: Corvette Aster | Subject: New Mission: Locate Anomalies]

[Calerost ships have been detected heading to roughly {this area} for unknown or suspicious reasons. You are to visit these predetermined sets of {coordinates} and scout for anomalies. Report any unusual findings immediately.]

The small Akropii Corvette dropped into the system, the 65th system it had to check. A scanning pulse went out, to the AI on board this was getting routine and boring.

“Anything unusual?” Asked an AI in a bored monotone voice.

“No, I don’t think- wait, actually, there does appear to be something interesting! We got structures on one of the planets!”

“Does it match any known nation?”

“There shouldn’t be any nation in this area. Let’s send this in, like right now.”

“I bet we’re going to have to handle a first contact. Do we even know how to handle a first contact?”

“I don’t know, perhaps we should send out our registration signal?”

Near the edge of the system, the corvette sent out a signal.

[-Begin Registration Signal-]

[Starship Class: Protest Class Corvette (#123)]

[Ship ID: 133-409]

[Name: Aster]

[Design Purpose: Warship]

[Current Mission: Exploration]

[Commanding Officer: QC467-M789342 (Ship AI)]

[Travel Restrictions: -Unrestricted-]

[Weaponry: Conventional & WMDs on board, (Limited WMD Capacity)]

[-End Registration Signal-]


[Rooru-12, Rehy’s furthest military station, is the first to pick up the signal]

“Eh-eh, eh, what’s that.”

The stations intel room rustled with excitement, they hadn’t had an unusual signal ever.

“Commander, commander-look at this.” The intel commander was already standing there.

“Hmm. Looks like something-someone is talking. Can we get that signals origin?”

“Seems to be coming from somewhere near us.”

The door bust open: “Where getting lots of radioing from civilians-some of them pick up a weird signal.”

“Ok, we’ve prepared a while for this. You know the procedure.”

A signal is sent out into space.

[begin signal]
[This is Rooru-12. You have contacted Rooru-12, a military station of Rehy. Rehy is a alliance, it consist of many nations. Our home planet is Ruka. Our species is Rikeuninerd. If you intended to contact us, please respond.]
[end signal]


“So it seems they have some sort of first contact message.”

“They probably met Calerost, right?”

“We were sent here because of strange Calerost ship movements.”

“Well, best to respond.”

“Should we determine if they’re Calerostian? We probably should.”

The small Corvette sent out another signal.

[We would like to establish communications.]

After the message another message was sent out, translated into a language of Calerost, the translation data received during the wormhole crisis. The message was unintelligible to the recipients.


“Seems like there trying to translate, the second part of that sounded different.”

“There not going to know our language. No one should.”

"We can send them out alphabet? It won’t teach them our language but it may help clarify who we are. "


The radio operator began reciting the Scayia alphabet, as Scayia is the most commonly spoken language is Rehy.

[Scayia, alphabet: Sca, scr, scy, sce, di, yi, ki, dy, sy, hy, ky, dee, roo, de, re, ke, ru, ka, kr, ee, a, y]

"Now that we’ve confirmed we’ve encountered first contact , inform Rehy headquarters on Ruka. " Stated the commander.

A message regarding Rooru-12’s encounter is sent to Ruka:

[Headquarters this is Rooru-12: We have confirmed first contact. Unaware of hostility. Attempted language translation. Signals seem to be coming from around {estimated coordinates}.]

{Rooru-12 this is headquarters: Information received, we will initiate first contact protocol?]

[We’ve already done steps 1 and 2: inform of our percents and confirm there presents, then attempt further communication. Due to a lack of information/understanding, it’s best you inform all vessels to avoid the area.]

A notification is sent out to all space faring vessels, civilian and military.
[We advise all vessels to avoid sector 12 as an unidentified signal is coming from the area. It is confirmed to be first contact.]

Such a message sent murmurs around Rehya.
“I knew it!” Exclaimed a scraper from a recycling ship, toying with their coms.
“Stay on that signal, we may be able to talk to them!” Many said.
“Better be friendly.” Said a soldier back on Ruka.
They all waited in anticipation, those who hadn’t picked up the first messages trying desperately to find the rite signal to receive anything at all.


“Hmm, they don’t seem to know any of Calerost’s language. Calerost was probably after something else.”

“The ships seem to be sending out a message, some sort of key. And they sent out another message. This one doesn’t seem to be for us. It appears to be directed towards either civilians or military assets.”

“I’m betting this list they sent us is either an alphabet or a sequence of numbers, although if they were numbers they probably would have been sent in binary. We should send it back to the government to see if they can brute force it and translate their language. It’ll probably take somewhere between a day or two.”

“Once you get that sent, we need to figure out what to do. They don’t appear hostile, but we don’t know if they’re stalling for a fleet of warships to arrive. Regardless, they’ve probably sent out a request even if they know we’re peaceful, just in case.”

“We could send out a small dropship with a synth body on it, to make physical contact. We could try and communicate through gestures.”

“We could lose it, but if we send an armed fighter they might shoot it down. I think it’s worth a try we’re contacting a new civilization, so I think the higher officers won’t mind too much. We probably shouldn’t send an armed synth either, we don’t want them destroying it and that’ll just increase the chance. Send out the dropship, and message the aliens about what we’re doing and request a place to land. They won’t understand us, but it’s probably good to maintain communication, and we can point at this if anyone asks us what this was about in the distant future.”

A small dropship descended from the corvette, and an accompanying message was sent out at the same time.


OOC NOTES: Iv started using a different RPing format, just a heads up

“Akak” is a vocalisation meaning "do you hear me? a radio conversation ends when “akak” is not said.

Rikeuningerd use names/titles/ethnicities as personal pronouns.
ie: Scyroo is a former Syru (leader) of Rehy, Syru is well respected.

Radio operator: “Commander, we’ve received another message.”

Commander Deesca acknowledges this statement with a vocalisation, Commander is aware that radio operators know first contact protocol, and therefor gives no orders.

The first contact protocol states that once communication is established, it must be maintained until no longer necessary.

Radio operator: [we have received your message and do not understand your language akak.]

Look out: “A small object has been detected moving towards us, originated from the same location as the vessel, probably the aliens. It looks similar to a goods delivery.”

Commander Deesca: “We havnt got any orders due. So likely so.”

Anything coming towards a base is automatically scanned by an AI (once close enough), it wasn’t a very long wait before a scan was able.

Computer: “Crate appears to contain an inorganic, unarmed individual.”

Commander Deesca: “Let friend in via loading doc.”

Radio operator: [Loading doc, we have what appears to be a drop crate coming towards us. Contains an inorganic individual, unarmed. Akak.]

Loading doc radio: [Sapience? Akak]

Radio operator: [Unsure]

The loading doc crew organise, they typically only deal with goods, sometimes Scu anarchist pranks: not individuals. A singular heavily armoured guard is summoned, just in case. They will wait until the dropship arrives.


As the loading bay opened up, the dropship redirected itself to the new landing location, its maneuvering thrusters firing a yellow-orange heat. The landing gear deployed with an inaudible hiss, then slamming down onto the landing zone. With a hiss the dropship equalized its pressure with its surroundings, and then let out another hiss as the door slid open and a ramp extended.

The synthetic stepped out of the dropship, hands raised above its head, hopefully in a gesture of peace


The guard’s fully covered is a dull heavy armour. They hold a gun in one hand by their side, barrel facing away from the synthetic: this is a sign of peace.

Guard: “You can put your hands down, we know your unarmed. I am Private Sckyky-”

Loading crew: “They don’t understand our language.”

Private Sckyky: “Ok. Skipping introduction. How do we determine if…” Sckyky doesn’t know the individuals name, species, occupations or likewise, so fills the pronoun with a pause “…is sapient?”

Loading crew: “We’re just going to have to stand here and watch.”

After alerting command of “the package”'s arrival, the loading doc radio operator obtains contact with HQ

Loading doc radio: [Headquarters this is Rooru-12 loading doc: we have received a drop crate. Contains an inorganic individual, unarmed. They have exited the package. Cannot speak our language. Unaware of sapience. Akak.]

HQ: [we will send 2 diplomats.] The diplomats arrive shortly after this statement, they warp close to the outpost before docking. The individuals exit their ship and are guided over to the scene, and introduce themselves. Both of them have been informed on the situation, and wear no protective gear (apart from a plain helmet, just in case).

Diplomat 1: “Ki-kakik of Kuk-kik, diplomat.”

Diplomat 2: “Koo-ke of Kooa ra da Rakara, diplomat.”

Ki-kakik: “As soon as we get enough samples of their language, we will be able to translate.”

Sckyky: “For now we stay here. We don’t want random people we don’t know, and can’t communicate with, walking around on a military base.”

Everyone stands in silence waiting for something to happen.


The synthetic lowered its arms slowly, so as not to provoke the guards. Holding its arm out, it projected a holographic map. A little white dot blinked on it to show their location, and to the north west a yellow line drew the southeastern border of the Akropii Republic. Another yellow dot showed the location of Kourali. The synthetic then held out two chips to the diplomats.


Sckyky: “Oh! A map. Seems to show our location…and I presume the line is individuals homeland border, the dot far away a capital?” Sckyky contacts command, [Command, this is privat Sckyky. The arrived individual has provided what seems to be a map displaying their homeworld. Individual also shows no signs on aggression.]

Diplomats Koo-ke and Ki-kakik take one chip each, glancing at Sckyky before doing so, who honks in approval. They closely inspect them, unaware of what to do with them.

Koo-ke: “We can’t know what these are for until we get more language samples.”

Sckyky: [Individual has given the diplomats chips. We don’t know what they are for, can’t know because of language barrier.]