Registry of Known Bounty Hunters

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Contained herein is a list of all known and active bondsmen in the explored galaxy, their known histories and rates, and reputations across the sector.

Any bondsmen organization in the sector bear no responsibility for the consequences of clients attempting to renege on a contract duly signed with the following members, or failing to pay for services rendered.


Alimon Pho'Leas


Occupation : Bounty Hunter; Weapons Dealer

Date Of Birth : 462 BBT

Place Of Birth : Juarend McKendree Cylinder - Phelton Capercani Star System

Nationality : Galactyan

Parents : Ahotai Pho’Leas - Yawess Orobanotheran - BJX-322121 (Bijix ThreeTwo)

Spouse : Married from 403 to 271 BBT; none at the moment.

Children : Aalcorel Pho’Leas - Hethronie Okannus - Yanighu ClearLight

Religion : Born as an Heterodox Nameonan Universalist. Currently unknown, but presumed to be Atheist.

Ethnicity : Ghirigi - Barandoliean

Age : 463 Standard Years (as of 1 ABT)

Hair Color : Does not have body hair.

Eye Color : Dark Khaki (Light Green -Yellow)

Height : 3.12 Standard Meters

Species : Squluce Clade - Otforsqumian

Alimon Pho’Leas is one of the most infamous bounty hunters and dealers hailing from the Galactyan Empire.

Alimon’s ship in it’s last known sighting. The various modifications and additions Alimon made to the vessel greatly changed it’s original appearance, as well as it’s offensive capabilities.


Born on the Juarend McKendree Cylinder in the Phelton Capercani Star System, Alimon had a normal Galactyan childhood, him and his family living in the same standards as all Galactyan citizens. A member of the martial Nameonan culture, he received combat training from a specialized master, and completed the various cultural Nameonan ceremonies. Some years before marrying he even partook the period of self-isolation required by Universalist religion.

His early adult life was also relatively average. At the age of 59 he married to Vrichni Xaevni Okannus (a female Fox Provolve) and Kay ClearLight (an aserale Neumann), and in their 132 years of marriage had three children.

However, in 271 BBT at the age of 191 , he stole a vessel from Juarend’s spaceport and disappeared from the Empire. After some months he was found again at the edge of the Tiyanki Territories with the stolen ship, that had visibly received a number of changes, additions and customizations of Galactyan and non-Galactyan origin. Before he could be captured again he escaped back into the expanses, and wasn’t pursued to avoid rocky political grounds.


Through the centuries Alimon has been spotted numerous times by Angelnet spies dealing weapons with various groups in the Tiyanki Territories, with most of his activity concentrated in the Ch’Rattan Cartel. His activity in the Cartel greatly diminished after the Calerostan Crusades, but he still continues to trade weapons with terrorist, criminal and anti-Calerostan groups and organizations in the Ch’Rattan territories.

Alimon’s most notable activity however is being a Bounty Hunter. Most of his past and current activity has concentrated inside of the Tiyanki Territories and in the outer, less controlled regions of most known Empires and nations, where security and national control is usually less present.


Alimon is considered a high priority criminal in all countries of the Coalition Of United Stars and beyond. His actions have greatly angered the Calerostan Empire, due to him giving support to problematic groups in the Ch’Rattan territories. The one most angered with his actions however still remains the Galactyan Empire, who has proven to be more than eager to capture, process and contain him for his crimes.