Regarding "A Constitution" - tips

Since moving to the new forums, the idea of re-writting “The Charter” entirely has been thrown around. If annyone besides @anjo, remembers, I’ve already attempted that Here.
So, despite the lack of success to get people interested in it back then, I still feel like I went through a unique experience which gave me insight on it. In the off chance that anyone is actually thinking of doing a complete overhaul themselves, I’m writing this to give them a few “tips”.

  • Charter or Constitution?

Going for the Charter option is easier. You’re overhauling any type of legal code that is granted to the people or a subject of the state (RL comparisons: Magna Carta; Dutch East Indies Trading Company). However, you can’t explore the common values and identity in the Charter (even if ours currently attempts doing so) as you are essentially granting someone a set of rules. Shorter, more practical and ultimately it seeks to guide/limit.

  • Constitution pathway: RL inspiration

Two criteria: the values of that society are similar enough to TSP values; the spirit of the Constitution can actually be simulated fairly well. I ended up with France because the second criteria is was more in the front of my mind ATT, you’ll likely end up with the EU instead.

  • Playerbase: realistic but ambitious

The Constitution should define players’ values and tendencies (legalism, arbitration, shame-based, rhetorics-over-substance, …) but should still be ambitious in trying to ultimately guide itself into a better product with the same presets.

  • Institutions: grassgrown and forced.

You should include both “normal”, “usual” institutions such as an Assembly but aso a forced “BREAK” mechanism. IIRC, in my proposal, the LC was underneath the Global Mod and Admins which are beneath the CRS.

  • IMPORTANT: Hard or soft branch divisions?

We currently don’t have this defined, we assume that it’s a soft division as the Assembly can theoretically recall every position.

  • IMPORTANT: Parliamentary structure.

How many houses? Should one house be elected on a political party basis?
If you’re going for parties, are you allowing shadow governments and minority-seat ruling coalitions?

Nobody was interested in your proposal because instead of using ideas that people had discussed and mostly liked, you threw in ideas that seemed… weird. Trying to institute so much new stuff in one legislation wasn’t really ever going to work out in the end.

This thread is not intended to revive my proposal, it’s intended to guide future people who are interested in pursuing the same goal as I have.