Reflection in the mirror (Major 2023-08-25)

(Title ref: Song by Cerise Bouquet )

The Idol was chilling along in their own house. After having taken care of some unfinished business in the bustling downtown of their own world, helping Kanon Shibuya and Mamimi Tanaka reclaim their residency while Westinor managed to save the Love Live headquarters from Nijisanji, the Idol went back to helping out other fellow allies outside of their metropolitan area.

Be it averting coups and takeovers such as The Region of Warsaw or freeing other locations such as the Nova Historiae, it was quite a small adventure! But with not much to really do afterwards, the Idol went back home.

The city shone bright as ever, and the Idol walked through several locations, and had intervened to prevent the closure of the roads between their home and the areas of CatChu Boulevard, the roads that led to Mount Akagi (Initial D), and Cerise Bouquet Road. With nothing else, the Idol went back home and rested while just finishing writing their last story and drinking some Pumpkin Spice latte. Otherwise, it was a slow day, and the Idol went through a bunch of handpicked songs they had enjoyed listening to the most at that moment.

They later ate some Neapolitan ice cream along with a bit of assorted snacks before going back to playing games. Then time progressed, so the Idol decided to leave for a bit from their home to take a stroll. However, along the way, the Idol then saw something moving in the distance.

Could it be?

The legend?

You see…

It was around the time back in April. The Idol then was still new to the scene at large. Around April 16th, a sleepy slumber had awoken, and the Idol along with allies went to chase after them. All the Idol remembered from that day was the sleepy group managing to take Interstate 878, a region that was already in the hands of Eggnog, a beloved drink of the South Pacific. Well except the Idol anyway, but no one asked them for their opinion. (Hey!!)

Anyway, the Idol picked up some broken glass off the ground. “I could use this…” they thought. And so, after having gathered some resources the Idol went off to create something new to help combat against the glass.

A few days later some brand-new experimental idols had emerged, but in the form of a crystalline base with some glass mixed in. On April 25th, several crystal idols arrived on the scene such as Crystalised Kinako (Liella), Crystalised Megumi (Hasunosora), and Crystalised Setsuna (Nijigasaki). Later on other crystal idols had rolled out to the scene such as Crystalised Chiyoko, Crystalised Kanon, and even CRYSTALISED QU4RTZ.

Then sometime later, around July 2nd, the Idol came across a very old remnant of the sleepy group’s presence, down at Velritera. A friend of the Idol, Tsujino Akari, had managed to clean up the area and collected some loose change, while throwing away a dagger left behind by an assassin, whom was part of a different group.

Since then, the Idol kept watch, awaiting their return to bring out the good fight against them once more. Now with a decent sized crystal idol group of their own, the Idol was prepared for anything at that point. But although the far edges of the northern reach have been quiet for a time, they never turned their eye off it.

Forward back to that night.

The Idol spotted something. After looking through the telescope that was there, they saw reflections. Indeed, it was a sight to behold.


From Glass Houses to Stained Glass, and to dangerous ones such as Uranium Glass, they all were heading back home to the far lands of the northern reach. The land which was home to the legendary group known as…

Blanket Fort Legion!

The Idol was dazed for a second. Was this the day? They wondered. With no time to lose, the Idol rushed back to Fort Chisato Arashi and had called upon the crystal idol forces to roll out. Crystalised Kinako was called forth, and whom was now upgraded to 5.0 with finally the ability to fly. She flew to Hasunosora and to Love Live before heading towards the Lunar base. However, her movements did not go unrecognised. Indeed, Quartz Glass had moved for a moment into a part of the metropolitan downtown at QU4RTZ Music Arena before moving back, though not before leaving a five star review on TripAdvisor!

The Idol was excited. The stars had aligned once more for an adventurous night. The crystal idols were ready too, of course!

The Snakes on Skates started rolling back towards the northern reach, truly setting this night in motion. Meanwhile more allies had arrived to help turn the tide of the battle for the ever excited Idol. The fight was on, and then…

Crystal Kinako missed. A few times.

To be fair, flying takes some time getting used to! And of course, she managed to arrive on time to a place called Noxus. Though having missed a few times, she wasn’t able to be on the centre stage to fight off the glass there.

Crystalised Megumi was up next, and she had better practice than Kinako did! She was easily able to take centre stage at checks notes The Proxian of The Free Land of New East, and had fought off the fibre-glass and the snakes on skates from being the stars there.

In the ever intense fight of crystals vs glass, sometimes other allied stars decided to steal the spotlight much to the Idol’s disappointment (and slowness). Unless it was Honoka from µ’s (Crystalised Honoka), then it’s okay. µ’s are popular enough as is, give the newer groups the time to shine!!

Crystalised Chisato was up this time going after Soda-Lime Glass to one of the popular tourist destinations: Walsingford! She took the stage, and gave off a performance and denied them the spotlight.

Then after almost two days with all the Interstate regions reopened for business, to no one’s surprise, one of the Interstates had an attempted invasion. This time, Crystalised Shizuku was up against the Rocks Glass and both collided at Interstate 296. After an intense fight, and despite the toughness that was the Rock, Shizuku won and saved the highway!.. And then promptly left due to the presence of eggnog.

Crystal Emma was up next and, along with several others, failed to fight off the laboratory glass and the snakes on skates at Trebuchet Storage. Only Walrus and Aura made it, but lost in the chance game.

After that, the towels, or rather, blankets were threw in by both sides. Everyone went home for the night.

The Idol returned back home, and went to bed. Of course, while they’re sleeping soundly little did they know they were going to be brought to a kangaroo court for their distaste of eggnog. Let’s hope they escape in time!

Sayaka Murano, friend of the Idol, stopping the BFL Paper Planes in their tracks

the South Pacificans performing into the Night
Idol Kotoha Tanaka (The Star who took the Spotlight)
General HumanSanity (Enjoying a good eggnog beverage)

Fellow Musicians on Stage
New Makasta (LDF)
El Fiji Grande (NPA)
Minskiev (RRA)
AurAKlimaX (TGW)
Haku (TGW)
Westinor (TGW)

Locations defended by our musical performance (8):

Later on, Crystal Emma had been elected to become the new delegate of the Artificial Solar System! Of course, the true way to end the night was an ultimate poll question:

Crystals or Glass?

  • Crystal
  • Glass
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