Reactivate Drama Llamas

Hello there!

Is there a way that this leaderboard can be made active again and track more recent activity? Or could someone direct me to the current tracker?

Everyone’s profile tracks their individual Drama Llamas, but I would like to see it in one spot.


Isn’t it just this?

It appears to be! How did you get to it??

I… just guessed that since you linked to, I might be able to find the general leaderboard by removing the /3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm seems legit :joy:

Is there an actual path that can be taken to it, besides modifying the URL?

Not entirely sure what you mean — you can always type in to your address bar or bookmark it if you want it more easily accessible.

I do think it might be nice if a link to it could be added to the sidebar, perhaps under the ‘Community’ section.

Basically that haha

how do you get them

You get Drama Llamas (points) by being an active user of the forums. Making posts, is the quickest way, which means being active in our spam areas, roleplay areas, and political debates.