Quotes from Mr. Vischervonda's Shower

You know, about Gianlucaland, about how there was at least 4 Gianlucas on the throne including the one that left a long time ago… So what was Gianlucaland when (Meinhard) Frank took the throne? Ah yes, Frankland. The Gianlucaland that invaded and raped us was actually a Frankland.

A moment of realisation that Frankland is actually a region in south-eastern Haoene-Zersbach known, for the town of Natrasbuhl, in northern Besern for its wood and paper.

Oh, shi-

Something I miss about hotels abroad is those telephones in the bathroom. I can just, if I wasn’t Chancellor at that point, pick it up, dial a random number, then inexplicably yell “SEX!!!” into the phone and hang up without a thought. The more I know. Alright, now that I have your attention, do you know that tiramisu is technically just a form of baked beans?

Should I just pack my bags, move to Atlantis and run for Gianlucian chancellor? I heard it’s worth it. Is it?