Qaz Lower Chamber

October 2022 General Election Results Announcement, 23 October 2022

Speaker: Order, order, silence in the room, please. The votes have been counted and the results are in. In last place, obtaining two Seats, is the Agrarian Party, led by Gordon Watts.

Agrarian Party: (Cheering)

Speaker: Order! In second last place, obtaining seventeen seats, is the Alliance Party, led by Shawn Flores.

Alliance Party: (Cheering)

Speaker: Order, order! In fifth place, with twenty-eight seats, we have the World Preservation Movement, led by Aden Patterson.

World Preservation Movement: (Cheering)

Speaker: Order, order! In fourth place, with thirty-four seats, we have the Incompetent Democratic Party, led by Stephen Spencer.

Incompetent Democratic Party: (Cheering)

Speaker: Order, order! In third place, with forty-six seats, we have the Tax Nobody Party, led by Lorraine Drake.

Tax Nobody Party: (Disappointment)

Speaker: In second place, with fifty-eight seats, we have the Modern Marxist Party, led by Cecil Walton.

Modern Marxist Party: (Disappointment)

Speaker: Order! Order! In first place, with one-hundred and fifteen seats, we have the Advanced Humanitarian League, led by Harold Garcia.

Advanced Humanitarian League: (Loud cheering)

Speaker: Order, order! Orderrrrr! Be- Orderrrrrr!!! No Party has secured the required Majority in Parliament. Therefore, the Party obtaining the highest number of Seats must pair with the next Parties after them to form a Government until the required Majority is reached. The pairing of the Advanced Humanitarian League and the Modern Marxist Party reaches that Majority. That means that our continuing Opposition is held by the Tax Nobody Party and that our continuing Opposition Leader is Lorraine Drake.

Opposition: (Disappointed but cheering).

Speaker: Order! The Government is, therefore, a Coalition Government, led by Cecil Walton and Harold Garcia. The two of you will have five minutes to consult each other now and decide in what order each of you are to serve as Prime Minister and for how long each. (Five minutes later) Order, order! It has been decided in the last five minutes, and agreed on by both Coalition Leaders, that Harold Garcia will serve as Prime Minister from 2022 until 2024 and then he will hand over to Cecil Walton from 2024 until the October 2027 General Election. This may well not be the course the next five years take but this is the current plan and so our new Prime Minister is Harold Garcia, Leader of the Advanced Humanitarian League. Congratulations, Prime Minister-elect.

Coalition: (Loud cheering).

Speaker: Orderrrrr!!! This is my final time serving you as your Speaker, I thank you all so much and I wish my successor as Speaker the best of luck. This concludes our results announcement. Congratulations to our new Parliament, Leader of the Opposition and Coalition Leaders, including the Prime Minister-elect. Order, order.

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