Qatar 2022: World Cup

And the World Cup is back. It’s been three years since the United States Women’s team defeated The Netherlands in the finals. Now, it’s been four years since France defeated Croatia, 4-2. But who will leave Qatar this year with a victory? Only time will tell.

The first game kicks off at 11 am EST with a match between host nation Qatar and Ecuador. The better team here is for sure Ecuador, but can Qatar pull out an upset win? It’s their first time in the cup, however, never have gotten too close to qualifying. It’s a longshot – but could happen.

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After hearing about what Qatar did to build these stadiums, and their general prevailing cultural attitudes, I have no desire to watch it this time.


Yeah. I can understand. I hate how every single time an event like this happens someone has to ruin it.

I personally stand with those treated unfairly. It’s for sure inhumane.

Ecuador came out as the victors of the first World Cup game at Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, Qatar. They faced the host nation, Qatar, in a game which they won 2-0. Team captain and Forward Enner Valencia scored both goals, including a penalty.



Eh? What?

Is it soccer season already?



As we march into the Quarterfinals, we see that Croatia upsets powerhouse Brazil in penalties, allowing the European country to head to the semifinals. They lost 4-2 in the finals against France during 2018 in Russia, the last World Cup.

Argentina and The Netherlands (Holland) faced off, also heading into penalties. Lionel Messi and the Argentinian team advanced in the penalty shootout, leading them to play Croatia in the semifinals.

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Yesterday, we saw Luka Modric and his Croatian team place third after a 2-1 defeat against cinderella Morocco.

France and Argentina are squaring off to decide who will hold the trophy. The game stands as 2-0, Argentina leading, in the second half as of now.

Goals by Ángel Di María and Lionel Messi have scored.

French forward Kylian Mbappé scores at ‘79 on a crucial penalty to bring Les Blues back in the game!

Argentina (2) - France (1)

World Cup Final 2022, Lusail Stadium (Doha, Qatar)

Mbappé puts another one in the back of the net at ‘81 to tie the game!