Puzzles Club

Puzzles Club

Hey there everyone!

One of my passions every day is completing The New York Times’ Mini Crossword. It’s a small, 5x5 square puzzle which takes only up to five minutes to solve at the most. While it’s short and small, it’s still a challenge (tough clues etc…).

I also love some of the other NYT puzzles. They include: Connections, Tiles, Vertex, and Letter Boxed.

In addition, I enjoy creating crosswords and puzzles, through a site called Phil. I’ll post some of my crosswords I’ve made through Phil on a later date!

I understand that I’m probably not the only one who likes crosswords and puzzles over here, so I decided that I will be starting a Puzzles Club in this very thread where anyone can chat about puzzles, share ones, and look for help on maybe a crossword or Sudoku as well!

There’s no true “joining” but feel free to post about anything puzzle-related here!



keiranking.com (Phil)

Games | The New York Times Company (NYT Games; subscription required for most)


I love this–one of my favorite daily activities too!

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I despise the mini crossword with a burning passion. The phrasing is so misleading half the time


I used to play the Spelling Bee (or rather, a free clone) quite a bit. I have 143 points today :slight_smile:

No pressure, but I’m looking forward to it :eyes: — I remember trying to learn once, but the thing that really stuck with me was how hard it was :stuck_out_tongue:

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