Prytanis Kanidis' state visit to Emerald and Denver

May 11th, 2023. 3:00PM

Flying over the blue waters of the South Pacific Ocean, the governmental jet began approaching the mainland at the other side of the sea, far away from the United Provinces. Once again a Rhaynan diplomat was going to arrive to the eastern continent for a diplomatic meeting.

As the land below the airframe started to approach the landing gear, touchdown was declared with a brief rumble of the aircraft.

The new Rhaynan Prytanis Romanos Kanidis had arrived to Emerald and Denver, for what he hopes to be a swift and fructiferous talk with King Joshua VII.


May 11th, 2023
Edwardia Military Complex-Airbase
King Joshua VII

The King stood a little nervous, it had been quite a while since a state visit had been conducted with him involved. The last one was with Stoinian King Andrei III. This state visit was with the new Rhaynan Prytanis. The things he wanted to talk about was how the LoC and Starhawk could cooperate, including Free Trade, Joint-Military Bases, and in particular, the Status of Cimbria, which was in both alliances. Joshua knew that the LoC wasn’t exactly a proper military alliance, it was primarily an Economical One, while Starhawk was effectively purely a Military alliance, although, the document that created it, the Formal Relations Agreement Treaty, first signed by Spiras and the UKED’s constituent states, it was further expanded with Cimbria, and later, Evinea. Now, Cimbria was also a member of the League Of Cordilia. Free Trade between the two seems to be a pretty decent idea, Emerald already does a lot of trade with the Cordilian States, and expanding that to the rest of the Pact seems like a very good idea. The Joint Bases are more of a result of the Ludville War, where Thalapadian Forces took a rather long time to get to the Frontlines. 1-2 Joint LoC-Starhawk Bases in Emerald and 1-3 In the LoC seems to make sense, at least in the minds of the Ministry Of Defence. Joshua snapped back out of his thoughts as the Rhaynan Plane landed. The 3rd Royal Guards, ever vigilant, stood behind him as the Flag Officers held the Union Flag and the UPRAN Flag. Hopefully these talks will be fruitful.


As the plane came to a stop, the prytanis diplomatic assistants and guards were already prepared for exiting, while the prytanis was almost finished with his paperwork.

“Δεν θέλω να σε βιάσω, πρυτάνη, αλλά θα ήταν ιδανικό να χαιρετήσεις τον Ιησούς VII εγκαίρως. Άλλωστε, είναι η πρώτη σας διπλωματική αποστολή, είναι καλό να δίνεις μια καλή πρώτη εντύπωση,” one of the assistants hurried him.


I don’t want to rush you, prytanis, but it would be ideal to greet Joshua VII in time. After all, it’s your first diplomatic mission, it’s good to give a good first impression,

“Ναι, ναι, σωστά. Έχετε ετοιμάσει τα δώρα;” Kanidis asked, putting his abundant bureaucratic sheets and his laptop in his briefcase.


Yeah, yeah, right. You have the gifts prepared?

The assistant kept silence for a second, “Εγώ-”



“Ξέχασα. Και αυτό έγινε γιατί βιάζεσαι,” the prytanis finished his sentence for him, “Μικρά βήματα, κύριοι.”


Forgot. That happened because you are in a hurry. Baby steps, gentlemen.

“Θα πάρω τα δώρα, κύριε,” the assistant replied, taking in his arms the overflowing basket.


I’ll grab the gifts, sir,

As the delegation left the inside of the aircraft, their eyes were greated with the flags of the United Provinces and Emerald & Denver. Specially Kanidis felt a great sense of pride in seeing the flag of its home flying high in the sky.

When the prytanis arrived in front of King Joshua, he vowed ceremoniously before him, and the assistants and guards followed suit.

“It is an honor to be in your presence, majesty. It is also a great pleasure to be in the Union, specially after such a long travel,” he greated the king, arching back again with a swift smile.

He then motioned for the assistant carrying the basket.

"Please, accept this gift. It’s an example of our homeland, some Rhaynan goods of the highest quality: There’s two bags, one of Allo-Rhaynan coffee, and another of Nea-gyan coffee. There’s also various fruits from the shores of Lake Kryo, a variety of spicies used in Rhaynan cuisines, and some examples of Rhaynan literacy written by our most reowned ancient writers.

We hope these offers are of your liking." he finished, handing out the basket.


Joshua stood there, effectively frozen. He was not expecting this at all. As Joshua looked Kanidis, he could tell this was a new experience for him. Joshua still bore scars from the first time he met the Sedunnic President. The most obvious scar was the one decorating his left cheek. It forever reminded him that his position was a dangerous one. Kanidis and Joshua were a baby and a senior in terms of Experience. After some deciding, he finally said his answer.

"I’ll gladly accept, now back to business, I assume you’ve read about why your here? " Joshua took the basket and handed it to his advisor to take back to the Royal Palace. Joshua was dressed in his usual “Casual” Military Combat Dress, with his CE-1921F pistol in its holster. The pistol had been through a lot, and had 2 Confirmed Kills against 2 DNR Militiamen. It no longer had any polish and had some scratches, but it could still shoot.


"I’m aware of our role as a LoC member, yes. As much as Rhayna has currently the position of Head of Chair in the alliance, I will just warn that our power in the decisions we take are limited by the decision of all the members.

But we will do as much as we can to convince and get to an agreement."

Kanidis could feel a certain coldness in King Joshua’s reaction.

It will take some time to soften the talks, he thought to himself while taking the briefcase handed out by his assistant.

“I believe we should maybe start with the free trade deals.” He suggested.

Free trade policies have never been polemic, so it should be a good first thing to talk out, the bases could be talked through somehow later, at least that is the first thought.

Kanidis was reminded by assistants and himself of the importance of his job now, but he now knew it was one thing in the theory, and another completely different in the practice.


“I understand, Emerald is part of an alliance of its own, and is de facto head. Of course, Cimbria is the odd one out, its part of the Starhawk Pact and the LoC.”

Joshua began walking to the Armoured Transport previously used in his last State Visit with Andrei, but with the Flags painted over to draw less attention.

“Perfect, I suggest we head to our destination, The Admiral Halsey Building, its located on the other side of this base and is current HQ for the Starhawk Pact. We’ll talk about free trade on the ride over. 3rd Royal! Prepare to move!” Joshua got into the back of the Armoured Transport and motioned Kanidis to follow.


Kanidis nodded and got in the car with his assistants and guards (OOC: I’m supposing it’s a limousine).

He went through all the points of this visit in his head as the vehicle started its way towards the headquarters.

“So one of the talking points for this diplomatic mission was a free trade agreement between the alliances,” he started, putting away his briefcase just beside his legs, “I believe its pretty straightforward, no taxation on products. However, we are curious as, to our knowledge, the Starhawk Pact is a purely military alliance, or at least mainly focused on it, not an economical one.”

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