Presidents Chats

Presidents Chats was developed after the election of Sir Hunter Kin.
These messages from the President or his staff help encourage people though the Second Dominion Depression.

Good Day my fellow citizens. Today I want to say that I am proud of who we are.
Let us now continue to the news. Our economy rose from developing to good and I want to
encourage our workers to keep on working hard to keep our Nation well.
My meeting with Auston Booth, Leader of The Duchy of Berlinia went well. We decided that we
must continue supporting each other financially. What I want to close with today is.
This depression is soon to be over. I want our children to have a future a hope a home.
We must all work hard to get out of this. We are the New American Dominion.
We survived wars.
We fought off invaders of our colonies, we strengthened our military. We overcame
and together we will overcome.
Close radio broadcast ends

Please support the cause of our Nation to fight the Depression