President Antonides' visit to Eflad

The Prime Minister was in her office when she recieved the news: the Thalapadian Head of Government ad accepted their invitation for a state vist. It will be the second head of government she welcomes in Eflad. The last one was President Blanc from Izaakia.
She was happy to hear that he agreed to a meeting. It will be a chance to discuss multiple points that were on her agenda. Like Blanc, she will welcome him on the tarmac of Münnen Int’l Airport.


The skies over north Cordillia, 11:00, march 14th

Valentinos Antonides looks trough the window in his plane, his head full of thoughts. This is his first time leaving Thalapadis since the civil war. Recently thalapadis, under his leadership, has asserted itself more on the international stage. It has made allies and enemies, recently more of the latter. The whole situation happening in Ludville was a mess since the start. Was signing that peace of paper, with which he confirmed the assasination of Van Mathis, the right choice? It surely must have been, he couldn’t let him be free to maby cause trouble again, his soliders and the inocents genocided by the Rykapadians didn’t die for that. And while he’s flying to Eflad, 4500 Thalapadian soliders are going across the world, to fight the force that most likely also supplied Van Mathis. They’re going to intervene, to honor a alliance. But will that alliance mean anything to their families when they get them back in caskets? He was a solider himself, he knows that even if they ware the best trained and equiped army in the world, even with their top of the line high tech equipment, some of them won’t return. War is a cruel mistress.

But now it was not the time to think of his enemies, but to make allies. Eflad and Thalapadis always had good relations, and it was his job today to make them even better. Preparing for the visit he researched Efladian history, politics and culture. Now he was going to experience them first hand.

“Mister president, we’re landing in 5 minutes.”
“Good, thanks for alerting me”

And soon they’re on the ground. He stands in front of the door.

“Thálassa voithá tous gious tis," he says and exits the plane


Tirng prepared herself at the office. Antonides was not far away. She remebered the last time she had visit from abroad. They took the metro to the centre. Today she decided that an escort was necessary. Antonides was not a very loved man across Pacifica, especially after that Van Mathis action. An attack couldn’t be excluded. An hour before Antonides was to land, she was already halfway to the airport. The sky was slowly getting grey. Several clouds looked down menacingly, warning of the coming storm. Tirng couldn’t help herself but watch how the people looked when they passed by. Sometimes, just sometimes she wished she could turn those looks off. It was stressful being prime minister. Especially in this turbulent times. Halfway across Münnen, the ceremonial brigade was getting ready for the reception. It wasn’t long until Tirng arrived.
Around an hour later, the plane carrying Antonides landed. She was happy to see him, fresh out of the civil war and ready to do some business. She watched as the plane landed on the runway; she sometimes hears her son saying “butter” when he plays on his simulator. She waited for the sign from the staff and went to the end of the staircases brought out for the plane. The door opened and Antonides came out. They shook hands and she said “Welcome to Eflad! Here’s to a good time!”


Antonides gives the prime minister a firm handshake

“To a good time! How are you, prime minister? I can imagine that managing the preparations for my arrival was stressful, but i doubt you had any problems dealing with it.” Antonides spoke in his characteristic strong, but still warm, voice


“Oh thank you. In the last couple of days I was bit ill but now it’s all fine. We have everything planned out, don’t worry. How was your flight?Let’s get into the car shall we and on our way, shall we?” She leads Antonides towards the motorcade and towards their car. As Antonides gets in, a secret service officer says: “We might have to alter the route. Protest have moved”, and closes the door.
“Well, seems as if the not everything is going as we thought it would. The protesters have moved onto the street, but no worries, we have the best drivers.” she said with a smile and buckled herself.