Presenting Officer Kotoha Tanaka

SPSF Officer Ribbon

It’s an honor today to announce the promotion of Kotoha Tanaka (@Shibuya-Kanon) to the rank of Officer.

Kotoha has served in the SPSF in March, and previously attained the rank of Soldier in April. If you’ve read our reports, you’ll know that they’ve also quickly become the idol of the SPSF, and for good reason. They’ve graced over 200 updates with their energy and dedication — almost 80% of all updates in that time — and matched that in equal measure off the battlefield with their eagerness to learn and improve.

It’s been a pleasure to serve alongside Kotoha on the battlefield, and it’s an even greater pleasure to welcome them as an Officer with the unanimous consent of the General Corps.

Congratulations!!! Most well deserved.