Potential Extra Canon RP

So, I’ve been inspired by the Book Series “Destroyermen” By Taylor Andersen, which tells of the crew to 2 USN Four Stackers and their adventures in an Alternate Earth where the Dinosaurs never went extinct. I had this idea during my trip to Europe last month, and it goes as follows:

On November 14th, 1945, The ERNS Jason I CV-14 disappeared. It was deemed to have sunk in a storm. Shortly after the Jason I’s Disappearance, The Cimbrian Destroyer KMS Johansen mysteriously disappears, and then a Spirasian Light Cruiser, and then finally, a Denverian Supply Vessel, transporting weaponry to New Emral, disappears without a trace. They are then transported to Aurora(and back in time), but due to me not wanting to disrupt the current RP, I’m having this be an Extra-Canon RP, which will detail the adventures of the crews of these Vessels, and other Pacifican Nations vessels can even be transported over(Hard Time Stop being 1952) and can interact with the Nations of Aurora. This can serve to, at least partially, reignite some activity from Aurora, and get some of the Newer RP’ers to look at Aurora.

I know this sounds very ambitious, but I do want everyone’s thoughts about it, and as I said before, this RP would be strictly Extra-canon, with it just being set on terra aurora and the Nations that inhabit it.

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Wait, so is this tying Aurora to another canon? I don’t know boat names, but it sounds like Pacifica or A1-0 are somehow involved

Not “tying” I just want this to be pure Extra Canon, but it’s Pacifica.

Yeah, it would just be weird to have an extra-canon universe where a portal to aurora exists in Pacifica (because magic and stuff)

Less a portal and more that greenish looking squalls transport ships to Aurora.