Polite Society, Vilanian Style

Langston better have a very good reason for this interruption, or I’m firing him out of a
high window.

A sharply dressed, irritated man muttered to himself as he stormed down the corridor. He had been attending to something rather important at the time, and this interruption cost him that valuable time.
His name was Harukane Akosashi, a renowned Green Party parliamentarian. He’d been trying to convince the Liberal and Centralist parliamentarians to vote against the proposed oil drilling bill, and every minute he was away from preparing his speeches and meeting with his contacts took time away from the bill he so desperately fought against.
Unsurprisingly, he was not in a good mood, and brusquely shoved the paneled door he’d now stopped at open. It swung hard enough that it shook the wall it hit, likely denting it.
“Fucking hell!” Langston was there, very surprised at the sudden rude arrival. He had his revolver out and ready to fire. “I almost sponged you with rounds there! D’you ever remember to bloody knock!”
“You’d better have a reason for dragging me away from dealing with that bill, Langston. It’s vital that I-”
“Not my idea to drag you out, and I have a right mind to sue you just for violating my door!”
Violating your door?” Akosashi was incredulous.
“Right along! It wasn’t like just the wind that did it! I didn’t call you down here for entryway abuse, anyways.”
Akosashi was puzzled more than irked now. “Well then, what is it?”
“The Minister wants to call a talk with you, old boy. Haven’t got any clue why, but he sent for you.”
“I just told youse! Uncork your ears, chap!”
Akosashi, confused, hurried off to the Minister’s offices. Langston, meanwhile:
“Proper fright, he sure made. Score of years off my bloody life…”
Then the phone rang. Langston picked up the phone.
“Greetings, this is Edmont Langston, Vice Speaker of the Vellerianese Parliament, open call. What is it that yousins need?” He became puzzled. “What do you mean, ‘ambassador needed’? Evinea’s all the way up at the equator, who would take that job? We don’t have anybody available.”
He became even more puzzled.
“Figuring it out? What do you mean, exactl-” He noticed the Minister strolling down the hall. “Hold a bit, the Minister’s about to be on the line. Talk to him, haven’t got a right idea what to say.”

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(OOC: never surprise a politician of my country, they tend to be armed and legged (-w-))



OOC: Will you continue the story with the Minister, or do I respond because I’m not sure what the call is about lol

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OOC: That call is about establishing diplomatic relations between Velleriania and Evinea.
And yes, you respond here.

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In the Executive Suite, freshly re-elected President Aziz Traore is currently in a discussion with his Vice President, Fatima Musa about their previous term, and what they plan doing. They engage themselves regarding topics such as the Ludville war, the nuclear energy program, parliamentarization, and continued diplomacy growth.

“I think our first term went pretty well overall. We managed to show we could join the world stage and be a positive force in it, but I do believe now we are slipping.” Traore reflects.

“I can agree with such an assessment. For example, the new nuclear energy program has been off to a great start. This will be a fantastic way to revolutionize clean energy in our nation and we could even attempt to become a nuclear energy powerhouse in the future. Our diplomatic relations with Emerald-Denver was nice as well, setting up a strong military bond with the nation. However, I do think we were very lacklustre in supporting our ally in their war against Ludville. While we did sent strong support, we practically self-relegated ourselves to the sidelines.” Musa responds, displaying a sight scowl at their failures in Ludville.

“That is unfortunately true. We really did mess up at showing that our nation is not only strong and supportive diplomatically, but certainly militarily. The modernization of our military has been wonderful, the feedback I have been receiving from our generals has been overwhelmingly positive. However, what is the point of doing all those changes if we could not show its strength and usefulness in conflict.”

“Mhm. Agreed.”

“Anways, moving on, the parliamentarization movement is a really interesting idea.”

“Are you supportive of the idea?”

“Can’t say it isn’t a bad idea. It may be a good idea to have the people decide a new and better future for this nation. Of course no system is perfect, but we always want to represent our people in the be-” Traore was going to finish his comment but the phone began to rung.

Perking up, Musa looks at the ringing phone.
“Should I answer it for you?”

“No, it’s ok, I will answer it. Anyway, you can carry on with our agenda. Continue advocating for the ‘Under the Rainbow Act’ and keep up to date with the Parliament for Evinea.”

Musa leaves, and Traore gets up and looks at the phone ID.
“Edmont Langston… Vice Speaker of the Vellerianese Parliament? Unitarian Commonwealth of Velleriania? Huh, haven’t heard to much of that nation yet. Let’s see what they are looking for. Hello, sir.”

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