Playing God: events that lead to the Miraline war

The miraline war, starting at around 520 BBT, was one of the most defining moments in Calerostan history, a nation fighting it’s own cursed creations, Edhel and mirial entity hybrids called the Miraline. This topic will trough indirect worldbuilding explore the events that lead to it, from the discovery of the second wormhole to the first battle of Celebar prime


Sender: mirial maping probe c1672
Date: 11.16.1307.
Location: mapping sector #334, exact coordinates attached

WARNING! Anomaly detected.
Type: gravitational anomaly
Magnitude: severe
Sensor readings attached

Recommending exploration ship to be sent to location

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INS Eye of the Beholder Captain’s log
Date: 13.16.1307

We have been ordered on a mission deeper into mirial space to explore some sort if anomaly detected by a mapping probe. We haven’t been told what to expect, but based on the urgency it must be something big. I have assembled my crew and by the time i am recording this we have departed Gil Miria 15 munutes ago. The journey will take some time but won’t be too long. Hoping this ends soon so that i can take a vecation like i have planned.

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