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Currently I am serving as your MoC. I love this role and am glad I got picked for it. That said, I think that I can do even more for the region. For starters, appointing people to all positions that aren’t currently filled and checking in and making sure that the Ministers who are appointed are doing fine with their stuff. I believe that I can have a stand off approach while still maintaining control of the Cabinet. Daily check ins and weekly group meetings as well as as needed one on ones and depending on the situation in private or public. I am not here to embarrass anyone but to hold them accountable to their position they have been gracious enough to accept.

My plan is to keep up with the weekly recipes and biweekly interviews. I want to open the floor to TSPeoples who have things to say about their favorite music or movies or tv shows and books. Basically anything the people love (within reasons) that they feel like sharing with the region. While I am not certain at this time if I will keep the MoCship, I do want to make sure that these things happen. The peeps have a lot to say and this is the perfect place for them to say it.
Plus I want to do more with other regions as being friendly with others is awesome!

For OWL - There WILL BE a director. I admit that this is a hole in my knowledge and will be making sure that someone who knows what is what will be in charge.

This is the same for MoD. One will be appointed.


If the current Ministers still want their positions they are free to keep them. I will leave that up to them as I don’t see the need to upset what isn’t broken.

Now I know some of you may be hesitant to see me appointed and that’s fair, but if you give me a chance I can only prove that I will use this opportunity to do the best I can for TSP. I know you will have questions, please ask them.



Past Member of Leg Comm

Past Member of CRS

Past Member of CG

Current Member of Moderation

Interim RA one time

One Term LC Member

Past Delegate

Current MoC

I have been in TSP alone since I was founded 13 years ago. I have held the offices of MoFA, MoRA, as a General in SPSF under Drugged Monkeys like 4 name changes ago. I had an Interesting run as a GM for a bit. Was in the CSS back when that was a thing. I have been Dean of TSPU in 3 reboots ( I get it back off the ground! again I know…) I was Vice Delegate under Tsu for a term. (Please don’t ask for dates as I have no idea. Suffice to say they were mostly prior to 2016.) I am pretty sure that is everything. If you have something I missed please let me know!


First of all, I would like to say that I like this idea and I think future Prime Ministers should incorporate it and make it part of our government culture. I honestly don’t know if any other PM has ever done this, but I like to highlight my appreciation for the idea.

Now, to the questions:

  1. What happens if, hypothetically, you don’t find someone suitable for the role of OWL Director?
  2. Are there any Ministry you want to create or delete or change its functions?
  3. Do you envisage, if you are unable to reconcile the roles of PM and MoC, appointing someone in your place?
  4. Do you have any plans/agenda for the other Ministries? Are there goals you want them to pursue?

I think that’s it. Thanks.

  1. That is a tough question. I am honestly not sure. I do know that diving in and taking the advice of the MoFA and the Delegate has never let me down before so I would as them before making any decisions. I plan to educate myself as best as possible to make sure that the best choice is made for the region. Asking for assistance is never a bad thing as long as something is learned from it in my experience.

  2. Um… No. I think what we have now is swell. I do want to see more out of the MoI though but that kind of falls under 4) Which is I DO want to be kept updated with what the Ministers are doing however I don’t want to overstep on their commitments. That is part of the weekly meetings. I want detailed plans of what they want to do and How if at all I can help them.

  3. I do plan to appoint someone if I find I can’t handle both. To be the best I can I have to make sure that I give all roles the focus they deserve. I am leaning at this time to appointing someone but again will see if I am elected and kept on first.


Indeed, I’d rather see you elected. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have any particular foreign policy goals you’d like to see accomplished?

What are your thoughts on our current policy, and what changes would you like to see made?


Sorry, MoI? :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than that, interesting. Thanks for the answers!

I may have more questions when I have time to sit down and read and reflect on your platform / responses in more detail, but for now one remark struck me.

This at least seems inconsistent with Drew’s retrospective learnings as posted in their resignation statement:

Not to say that Drew’s perspective is necessarily the right one, or that you meant to suggest that you would be sitting back and letting your deputies do things. But I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the degree to which the PM should be providing proactive guidance / setting a policy agenda for their ministers vs. playing a more supervisory role.

I want us to be friends with as many like minded individuals as possible. I am a firm believer that you can’t have to many. I think our current policy is okie. We did just ban a whole bunch of peeps for being not cool so that was a thing, but Honestly I trust that you or whomever is in the FA spot will have a solid plan and understanding of whom we should be spending our time on and where we should be putting our energy for New relationships.

Building off of that though is the keep relations with our current friends chill. Having events with them is a Part of FA that I think is often over looked. I would keep up with that and like to see more events with our friends.


Minister of Interior. :slight_smile:


When I say that I will have a “Stand Off Approach” I don’t mean that I will be a Monday Morning quarterback. I mean I am trusting the people who have been appointed to the Ministries to have the ability to work alone and with Daily check ins, to make sure that they are never left feeling like the need help but aren’t getting it. This is why the weekly meetings will be so important and the daily check ins as well. Communication is key and if you don’t have that you can’t be successful no matter how involved you are. Not to Knock Drew as that is not my intention but there wasn’t a lot of communication. Things fall when not nurtured and it ends a mess. I want everyone in the Cabinet I will (hopefully) Be elected to lead to be able to work together as a team and alone independently. I am not here to hold anyone’s hand but to guide them and lend one as needed.


How’s the term going?

Great actually! While not everything I wanted to do has been able to come to fruition, I’m very happy with and proud of the members of my Cabinet and the things they are doing!

What are they doing?

Well, the Ministry of Culture, which includes me and my two Secretaries who have done an excellent job and have really shown themselves, and continue to show, extremely helpful and with true desire in learning and doing what is needed.

  • Firstly, it is worth mentioning the Culinary Contest, which had a total number of 12 subscriptions. To record the results and plan who will face who, I am using Bracket, which I made publicly available so that everyone could follow the results. However, the Culinary Contest is paused for now due to:

  • Coalition Day. I was concerned with bringing back the real importance of regional holidays and also in inviting other regions to celebrate with us. Although the Anthem Contest has, admittedly, failed, the Flag Contest will certainly bring new polls to the region, hence the pause in the Culinary Contest.

  • Discord Night Game It’s something I’m very interested in bringing back and I’ll be back with everything next week, sending, as before, a notice looking for a host, if I haven’t found one by then, to bring back this moment of fun and unity for the community and the region.

  • Interviews were brought back and will now have a fixed rhythm of one every two weeks or one weekly. My plan to increase efficiency is to gather multiple interviews and release them over time. The next one is ready and will be released tomorrow as soon as possible.

  • My team and I, if everything goes well (but this is just a plan) is to bring a map to the RP in Knowhere. Again, we’re working on this, but it’s still early days and we’ll see how this plays out over time. As I don’t have much experience in this, I couldn’t help but thank my Secretaries again for (1) having this idea and (2) helping me immensely with planning and where to go next.


@Penguin that was a question directed to you.

Greetings, so far, the Ministry of Defense has been mainly doing its job to keep the SPSF running as usual. While it’s true that nothing extremely impressive has been achieved, the SPSF is indeed doing its job as one of NS’s main defender armies: participating in updates often, accepting new applications, tracking the progress of the SPSF’s newest members, and keeping contact with the SPSF’s command.

That initial paragraph is pretty much a summary of everything that’s been done so far, but here’s more detailed information about it:

-Applications accepted: Since the start of my term as Minister of Defense, a total of 12 new applications have been accepted (including those during the electoral period). Clearly, being realistic, not all of the new SPSF soldiers have participated to the same degree, with some of them not participating at all in any operation. However, it is a fact that the SPSF has been able to find some actual people which are interested in military gameplay in NS, that have been participating often and have already pretty much learned all the basics about said gameplay.

-Discussion about promotions: It is obvious that, with new people participating within the SPSF, and them having learned and done the necessary, promotions have been talked about and they are on their way. While no promotions have been done yet, it is a clearly possible goal for the Ministry of Defense to promote several of its newest and other members which have earned it. There have also been suggestions to change the prerequisites to evaluate promotions, mainly rewriting them for them to be clearer to read and understand.

-Service Reports: As usual for the Ministry of Defense, I’ve been taking care of the monthly Service Reports, hopefully giving enough insight about the SPSF’s situation and how much activity it actually had each month. We’re a bit more than halfway through my term as Minister of Defense (2 months), and both reports for said two months have been published, hopefully in a reasonably quick time span since the end of the months. At least this situation can’t be compared to February and March, which lack SPSF Service Reports.

-General SPSF Activity: It is clear that, when my term started, SPSF activity was on an all time low. Coupled that with Nationstates’ 2 week long downtime in April, it made the SPSF activity on the start of my term look horrific, with the number of pretty much all the operations having diminished in a large percentage. However, SPSF’s activity thankfully recovered on May; although it is not shown in the Service Reports, SPSF participated in plenty of supports in the majority of updates in the last month. It is also to note that, the SPSF has kept its presence as one of the most numerous forces when it comes into liberations, as we successfully rallied 11 SPSFers in a minor update for a siege.

-The Tidal Force’s situation: While the Tidal Force was up and running at the start of my term, and kept relatively good numbers of operations even in April, since May, operations have been suspended since the call of support from RotWW, as the Tidal Force pledged its support to the region’s delegate for the transition. Ever since said call, operations haven’t been restarted; Even though I asked for it I was told it would be better to keep the order to support RotWW.

-Training: There’s two different situations when it comes into training, I’d say. When it comes into training cadets into becoming ensigns, this is mainly done in Libcord, explaining things on the go, just as always. I haven’t seen the SPSF soldier guide get much use, and I’ve been mainly explaining things myself (with help of others) to cadets. Meanwhile, on the other side, there has been some officer and captain going on lately, and I’m hoping it leads to promotions soon enough.

With all of this said, the SPSF seems to be moving forwards, instead of staying put and falling into irrelevancy or powerlessness when it comes into a NS military. As the Minister of Defense, I am indeed in charge of analyzing our army’s situation, but the help from our officers is truly what’s keeping the SPSF going as well! I would like the SPSF, officers or whoever might want to, to comment about the army’s situation, and if I’ve been doing a decent job, instead of just complimenting my effort by myself.


Thank you both for your updates! It sounds like there’s good work happening in two government ministries.


Notwithstanding the discussions in the legislator-only areas over on the discord, I thought it’s appropriate to briefly comment on the work OWL has done so far since Silva and Vrigny have done so for their respective ministries.

I have tried my best to accomplish promptly the more routine aspects of OWL Directorship since taking office (i.e. voting threads). I think I only missed 1 vote thread before going live, which was an injunction/liberation resolution in the SC that went live very quickly.

Besides that, I’ve done my best to fulfil my medium-term aim of ensuring a full analysis is published soon after (if not before!) a resolution has gone to vote since sometime last month. I’ve had the help of wonderful volunteers such as @Canineanimal, @Welly and @TheLombardLeague in doing so, and I hope to see more volunteers in the future.

I think a long-term ambition of mine (which probably will have to stretch beyond this term, and so would involve potentially a different OWL Director) is that an organic resolution-drafting culture can emerge in TSP. After all, it is no secret that the WA is currently in quite dire straits when it comes to diversity of authors - this year, 1 WA member alone has had the vast majority of passed GA resolutions. I am still open to suggestions on how to go about building that culture, but I’ll continue to think about ways to do so as my term concludes.


I believe you can read the summaries for yourself but

Silva is managing great with getting Game Nights to be a thing. We are in discussion now about how often we can do them if we have a host.

Virgny is running MoD well and is looking in to promotions of people who are needing them.

Henn is working on a communications with a region for a treaty that I don’t think I can talk about yet.

Lordnwahs is working on getting OWL to have more participation and honestly this is as active as I think it has almost ever been.

Integration could be better and I am still working on trying to find someone for this position but the availability of people who are able/want to do it seems to be extremely limited and that saddens me.


What are you looking for in an Integration Minister? I could see if anyone I know from the rmb fits the bill if you want