Pelo-Emeraldian War of Reprisal

What it says on the tin.

The Kingdom of Pelinai has formally declared war against the United Kingdom of Emerald and Denver after ERN forces unjustly attacked an RPN vessel and refused to pay compensation. The Pelinese are also seeking revenge on Emerald for its past support of the Socialist Republic of Belogora during the Pelinese Civil War.

The Mediterranean Fleet has launched a massed saturation attack against Starhawk Pact forces operating around Spiras with the goal of crushing ERN forces while they are divided between Thalapadis and the Mediterranean. The ERN’s Jylland II is being explicitly targeted by RPN forces, including the KPF Korolyeviya and Luna Squadron.

With the Pelinai formally declaring war, Emerald has also declared war, along with the Entire Starhawk Pact. The 2nd Fleet, along with the Spirasian Peoples Navy have begun falling back to the Spirasian EEZ, with some vessels heading to the Frost Occupation Zone, hoping that Pelinai won’t attack currently frost held waters. So far, The ERNS Spirasian Coast and the SPNS Spirosia have began making there way to the ERNS Jylland II and her escorts, the ERNS Tiger and the ERNS Osprey. Carrier and Land based aircraft from the Spira Military Complex and the ERNS Steve have begun launching. Aircraft being launched include Fighters and Naval Bombers.

The Mediterranean Fleet has begun launching LACM munitions against military targets in Spiras, including radar stations, airfields, military harbors, and air defense nodes. The Fleet is maintaining distance from the Spirasian coastline, but is launching ASCMs and strike fighters against the withdrawing Starhawk naval forces.

Spirasian Forces have begun requesting for assistance from the stationed Stoinian and Frost troops in the Southern Occupation Zone against incoming LACM Missiles towards military targets, in particular, the SMC, Fort Andrei(Located in the Occupation Zone), and potentially Fort Stoinia, which currently houses 1000 Stoinian Forces and is home to Spiras’ Anti Air Command.

ERN Vessels have been given the go ahead to use ASCMs against RPN vessels using the Hyperion Satellite Network.

The Pelinese Armed Forces are enacting general mobilization and activating all reserve units. Air defense nodes and shore-to-ship missile batteries are also being placed on high alert.

CAG squadrons from the KPF Korolyeviya, including Luna Squadron, are approaching the Jylland II and its escort fleet.

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RPN naval aircraft are descending on the ERNS Jylland II and its escorts on attack vectors.

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The ERNS Jylland II and her Escorts have begun to engage the Naval Aircraft with Anti Aircraft Missiles and Guns. Naval Fighters from the ERNS Steve have also arrived on the scene.

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CAG squadrons of the KPF Korolyeviya have reported a successful attack on the Emeraldian Royal Navy.

-Pelinese aircraft sustained “acceptable losses” during the attack, while the ERN lost comparatively fewer aircraft due to the RPN primarily targeting surface combatants.

-The ERNS Jylland II has been reported as sunk by the RPN after Luna Squadron of the KPF Korolyeviya struck it with 9 ALCM projectiles. Supporting squadrons repeatedly dive-bombed the ship to guarantee a sinking.

-Other present ERN vessels sustained light to moderate damage.

-Surviving RPN aircraft have successfully withdrawn from the area and have landed safely.

The ERNS Jylland II and all other escorts besides the ERNS Prince Edward have managed to get back to the Spirasian EEZ and have set course to Little Sedunn for repairs.

As of 21:00 ETC+3, November 19, 2022, the so-called “Six-Hour War” is under armistice pending the negotiation of a lasting peace between the Kingdom of Pelinai and the Starhawk Pact.

Below and in all posts after this is a narrative rendition of the Royal Pelinese Navy’s attack on the ERNS Jylland II and its escort fleet in the western Mediterranean Sea.

16:32 local time, November 19, 2022. Skies over the western Mediterranean Sea.
Luna Ichi balanced her Ae-16 Winterblossom’s fuel tanks endlessly as it and her squadron cruised to the west. The orange light of the evening sun reflected off of her aircraft’s camouflage and livery: the ocean-colored RPN naval paint, the deep lavender Guards Squadron stripes on its twin vertical stabilizers, the RPN roundel and Luna Squadron emblem on its wings, the large white 一 character on its back, and the white М’s painted wherever they would be visible.


Revenge. Since 1982, for forty years, the Pelinese people have hated Belogora’s foreign supporters to a degree that no outsider could fully understand. The last of them to still claim Belogora as the legitimate government was the nation whose flagship Luna Ichi and the rest of the RPN were about to tear to shreds: the United Kingdom of Emerald and Denver. Emerald had just recently launched missiles at the KPF Sara without cause and killed 45 Pelinese sailors. When it refused to so much as pay financial indemnities for its clear act of war, even going so far as to publicly whine about the RPN damaging its oh-so-precious flagship, the Pelinese people knew that their day of reprisal was finally here. The RPN has already launched a barrage of cruise missiles into Emeraldian ally Spiras, and now it is going to cut the ERN’s flagship ERNS Jylland II in half right in front of it and the Jylland II’s escort fleet.

”Luna Ichi to Luna Squadron. We are approaching the Jylland; check radars for escorting targets and prepare for combat.”

RPN AWACS aircraft operating out of Pelinai had just identified a cluster of targets. The RPN is planning to draw the ERN’s 2nd Fleet into the RPN- and RPAF-swarmed eastern Mediterranean, but the Jylland II has to die first so that the Emeraldians will be compelled to give chase and try to recoup the humiliating loss of their flagship vessel.

”This is Luna Ichi to all squadrons. We are approaching the target and its escorts. Ready missiles and prepare to intercept naval and air forces.”

2nd Guards Tactical Fighter Squadron «Luna» is the absolute best in the Royal Pelinese Navy’s naval aviation corps. Though the ERN’s aircraft and escorting ships may put up a fight, they are certain to fail before the might of Pelinai’s skill, technological advancement, and determination.

The Pelinese people have waited 40 years for their revenge, and today is the day that Luna Ichi will finally release those 40 long years of burning hatred upon the Emeraldian reds who so proudly proclaim glory to the Belogoran demons.


November 19, 2022
Capt. Adrian Riverton
ERNS Prince Edward BC-30

The Damage had been minimal, 12 casualties. The Pelinese had violated the No-Go Zone, Adrian saw it on the AEGIS himself. Now, they had declared war. Adrian stood on the bridge of his Battlecruiser, the Prince Edward. One of the ships of the Prince Lucas Class, a class of modern Battlecruisers. The Prince Edward was assigned to escort the Jylland II, the Ceremonial Flagship. A title all Jyllands have held since 1682. The Pelinese had launched missiles at her only an hour before, causing minimal damage, it wasn’t even noticeable, but it outraged not just the 2nd Fleet, but the Emeraldian Public. Adrian watched the seas ahead, looking for RPN Vessels. Then something unexpected.

“Captain! We have multiple targets on Radar! Sir, the Adm. has ordered the fleet to protect the Jylland II with Anti-Air weapons, both guns and missiles. She’s also received word that ERN, ERAF, and SPAF aircraft are on their way.”

“Position us alongside the Jylland II.

Adrian knew full well that the RPN planes could easily confuse the Prince Edward for the Jylland II, but he would rather sacrifice his vessel so the Flagship could survive, the moral e cost that losing such a vessel would be tremendous, he couldn’t let it happen.

“I want all anti-aircraft and anti-missile weapon on this ship at full combat readiness. Glory To Emerald, Glory To The SRB. Now, move out!”

“Yes Sir!”

Luna Squadron and the other aircraft quickly approach the Jylland II and its escort fleet.

“Ship identified as the Jylland II; prepare to fire ordnance.”

One of the planes ahead of Luna Ichi had just identified the RPN’s target ship and transferred targeting information to the other aircraft. Luna Squadron and the others quickly fire Type N7S/L Crystal ALCMs at the ERN fleet, with twelve of them being directed at the Jylland II. RPN planners had always assumed that the sinking of a major capital ship of the ERN or another navy would require dive bombing with unguided munitions after the attack group exhausts its missiles, but the CIWS and antiaircraft armaments of the Jylland II need to be disabled before the aircraft squadrons can approach to begin strafing runs and dive bombing attacks.

“All Gunners! Open Fire! Somebody get me the Turret Commander of 1 and 2 on the radio!”

“What?? These are aircraft!”

“Do it goddamnit! Yes they are aircraft, but we might as well use every weapon we have at our disposal”

Adrians handed the radio.

“Attention Turrets 1 and 2, you will begin firing on the aircraft above us, don’t spot, and fire loose.”

The Anti-Air Guns begin opening up, as AA Missiles are launched. The front turrets begin turning and angling up, most likely confusing the RPN Pilots. Adrian watches the aircraft launch ALCM’s at his ship. Realizing that they’re targeting the CIWS and AA, although, he still can’t figure out why.

“CIWS Operators! Target incoming Missiles!”

The 6 Forward guns fire, then, due to Emerald adding some upgrades, are reloaded in 30 Seconds(An Internal Magazine, rear ejector, and properly designed shells.) and fire again. Those Pilots are probably truly confused. One of the ALCMs soon hits the superstructure, causing damage to a few AA’s and a CIWS turret, along with a Secondary. More ALCMs are on the way.

Luna Ichi observed the impact of nine N7L Crystal ALCMs into the structure of the Jylland II. A few more struck the nearby ERNS Prince Edward, partially disabling its air defense systems as well.

“Confirmed destruction of CIWS emplacements on ERNS *Jylland II and escorting vessel. Approach for follow-up.”

At the same time, the Jylland II fired its main battery into the air. It seemed to be firing without sighting targets; Luna Ichi thought that it was strange for the ship to be resorting to such desperate measures already. Perhaps they were concerned about a cook-off of the main battery’s magazines? They certainly had good reason to be; Luna Squadron and the others were carrying armor-piercing bombs for a reason.

”Shells from hostile vessels are failing to airburst and fire is unsighted; main battery is deemed to be non-factor. Continue attack.”

Luna Nana through Luna Jyuu-Ni broke off to help other squadrons intercept Starhawk Pact aircraft that were approaching from the west. Their number was probably reduced somewhat by the RPN strikes on Spirasian airbases a few hours ago, but the RPNAS was fighting in enemy territory and needed to sink the ship quickly. Luna Ichi to Luna Roku approached the Jylland II to begin dropping unguided munitions. Luna Roku was assigned to strafe the ship’s decks and disable its secondary mounts. Luna Go would feign doing the same and “incidentally” disable the lifeboats before the ERN sailors could disembark them and become protected by the Grovne Convention, Luna Ni through Luna Yon would dive bomb the Jylland II’s main battery and try to cook off their magazines. And Luna Ichi would strafe the ship’s bridge and radar panels before dive bombing its engines with armor-piercing munitions. She lowered her Winterblossom to the correct altitude to fire at the radar and approached the front of the ship head-on before pulling the trigger.

The attack run needed focus, and she had little attention to give when a nearby RPNAS pilot’s plane was clipped by a surviving secondary battery mount on the ERNS Prince Edward. The pilot had more than enough time and distance to eject safely, but the barely-flying Ae-15B Iris would instead turn into the superstructure of the Prince Edward. There was no doubt that every bomb being carried by that plane had already been manually armed, and the Prince Edward was about to find that out for itself.

The Ship shook as 8 more ALCM’s struck the Prince Edward, taking out most if not all CIWS and AA Guns. Adrian grabbed the radio.

“Turrets 1,2,and 3 Begin sighting your targets, and load flak ammo. Close Turret doors, we can’t have a magazine explosion.”

“Sir, Allied Aircraft has arrived from the ERNS Steve and Spirasian Airbases.”

“Order Secondaries to being firing Flak at RPN Aircraft, and begin evac procedures.”

Adrian had figured out what they were doing, they disabled the AA for their fellow aircraft. They probably would strafe the Lifeboats and Secondaries, a tactic the ERN had trained for countless times. He saw a RPN Aircraft heading right towards the bridge, they were trying to take out the chain of command. Adrian, a veteran of the Spirasian Civil War, had seen the same tactic pulled on the ERNS Jylland BB-13, but Emerald learned from previous wars and battles.

“Pull up Bridge Covers!”

An armored cover, slowly pulled up over the bridge glass, the rest of the bridge was already armored, a lesson learned from the Faroe. A bomb strikes the #1 Turret, leaving only partial damage, the turrets themselves were armored, a lesson learned from the Clintstown and the Prince Lucas. Using a periscope, he saw a RPN Aircraft get hit from Secondary Fire by the Jylland II. He saw the pilot eject, only to see their aircraft turn into the Jylland II’s superstructure. The Plane hit, causing a explosion that rocked the Prince Edward. The Jylland II’s Funnel, Radar equipment, and its top mounted torpedo tubes were taken out. Strafing aircraft were beginning to go for the Lifeboats, but machine gunners using their remaining guns, would begin to open fire. Lessons learned from the ERNS Zealand, where Gianlucian Aircraft also strafed the Lifeboats, proved valuable as the ERN would soon begin to place Machine Gun Mounts and AA Turrets near the LB’s. The Jylland II’s 4 turrets begin to target RPN Aircraft, repeating the move of the Prince Edward.

Meanwhile, in the skies above.

Lt. John Liedson, a naval pilot from Centralia, was quickly making his way to the Flagship, along with SPAF aircraft. He noticed how two of the aircraft had Belogoran Markings painted on. He figured they were Belogoran exiles attempting to take revenge. The plane he was flying, an ESF-25N “Starscream”, was made for attacking ground targets, Naval Targets, and dogfighting. John, an experienced airmen who fought in the SCW and PCW, figured that the RPN aircraft were at least equal to one of Emeralds finest aircraft it had on hand. Hell, they probably think these all these aircraft are from the Spiras, probably not realizing that an ERN Carrier is nearby. He then sees a massive explosion from the Jylland II.

The Jylland II began to fire airbursting ammunition, much to Luna Ichi’s dismay. Perhaps the delay was the result of a communications error, or APHE shells being pre-loaded into the main battery? But the Jylland II is already damaged, and Luna Squadron had enough bombs to sink it. The armored bridge structure presented a problem; however, forcing it to close its shutters would still cripple the situational awareness of the ship’s command staff.

”Kama, Boyar, and Wren; intensify targeting of the top armor on the Jylland II’s main battery mounts. Disable the guns quickly and try to cause a cook-off of their ammunition. Filament and Oni, continue as is.”


The supporting fire from the Prince Edward would be an irritation, but trying to disable both ships would take too long and risk a failure to sink the Jylland II.

Luna Ichi turned her plane to assist Luna Roku and Luna Go in their strafing runs on the Jylland II. The heavy armor of the ship was becoming a significant hindrance, but some things on a warship can’t be covered in steel. The three planes strafe the sides of the Jylland II’s superstructure again, this time firing unguided rockets instead of using cannons. They wouldn’t have the mild armor-piercing capability of the Ae-16’s 30mm autocannon, but any unarmored equipment on the ship was about to be barbecued. At the same time, Luna Ni through Luna Yon continue dive-bombing the turret caps of the Jylland II’s main battery.

The Periscope Adrian was looking into was suddenly, alongside the radar, detection, and fire control equipment was taken out by unguided rockets. The Remaining Machine Gunners are cooked alive as AA ammo stored besides the funnel goes off, cutting down any crew on the deck. Bombs dropped on the rear of the vessel cause’s the stationed ESH-20N Helicopter to explode, igniting fuel canisters on the rear of the vessel, causing a fire. Turret #3 is heavily damaged, starting an ammo cook off in T3-G1, which soon spreads to the other guns and the reload/command room. A bomb is dropped right down the funnel, causing another explosion and fire beneath the deck, the Prince Edward is now dead in the water. The Jylland II, already damaged, begins retreating with the escort fleet. The Radio Transmission to the Prince Edward is as follows.

“Jylland II is retreating, good luck Prince Edward, give em hell”

Soon after, the multitude of fires on board ignites the SSM’s in the VLS cells, causing a massive explosion, tearing a hole through the hull and taking out ship wide communications. Another explosion near the ventilation system spreads fire through each vent, cooking the remaining crew. The Bridge Crew is incernated when an AAM Missile turret that survived goes off next to the bridge wing door. The ship is now ablaze, slowly sinking, and heavily damaged. Turrets #1 and 2 manage to fire 6 rounds from all six guns before the turret cap is pierced, killing the turret crews. A lone lifeboat, with nobody on it, slowly floats further away from the burning vessel. All 1100 crew are killed, and the ship would eventually slip beneath the waves 2 hours after the attack.

Final Loss Count(Emerald)
-ERNS Prince Edward(Lost With All Hands)
-8 ERN Aircraft
-3 SPAF Aircraft

1108 Emeraldians Lost
1 Spirasian Lost
2 Belogoran Exiles Lost