Pacivision Song Contest - Submissions

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It is time for Pacivision!

More than a year has passed since the contest in Gralois, Ikoania and therefore we can be excited to have a new iteration of this event in Stoinia soon! A song contest without songs does not make much sense though, therefore I present to you the successor to all OOC Pacivision topics: Pacivision Song Contest - Submissions!


Pacivision is a music show broadcasted to millions of households all around Pacifica based on the Eurovision Song Contest. Every independent nation may participate in the contest and may submit an entry via the form below until the given deadline. You may submit the following kinds of entries:

  1. an IRL song
  2. an IRL instrumental (with or without lyrics)
  3. an entirely original piece of music (with or without lyrics)

Following criteria must be met by your submitted entry:

  1. An entry may not exceed five minutes in length.
  2. The artist's name as well as any IRL references in the lyrics of a song must be changed to fit the canon.
  3. A translation of a text has to be provided in the post of the performance, if the submitted song is not in Austral.
  4. Following songs are banned from being submitted:
    1. Songs, which have been in the Billboard Hot 100 of this or last year
    2. Entries of this or last year's Eurovision Song Contest or Eurovision Song Contest spin-offs, e.g. the American Song Contest
    3. Former winning songs of the Pacivision Song Contest
    4. Songs an active roleplaying nation has sent to the Pacivision Song Contest or songs by artists appearing to be claimed by active roleplaying nations according to the list linked below the rules
    5. Songs an inactive roleplaying nation has sent to the Pacivision Song Contest or songs by artists appearing to be claimed by inactive roleplaying nations according to the list linked below the rules in the last five years
  5. One may submit a song by an artist appearing to be claimed by an active roleplaying nation according to the list linked below the rules, if the roleplayer of that active nation allows the common usage of their character. The song must not be the same as the one, that was already presented in a prior contest.

List of Pacivision Song Contest entries

Submission Form

Please use this form to submit your entry in this topic:


[b]Song/Title:[/b] [Please link the Song before the song submission deadline] [If in another language, please provide the title’s translation into Austral]
[b]Artist(s)/Performer(s):[/b] [No more than Six]
[b]Songwriter(s):[/b] [If applicable]

[b]Commentator(s):[/b] [People who give additional information before the song] [If your country's native language isn't Austral or have more than one native language, feel free to put in more than one]
[b]Spokesperson:[/b] [Jury points announcer]

You will have two weeks to submit your entries (until 6 August 2023).

What follows after…

After all entries have been submitted and it has been checked, whether they are conformant with the rules, there will be an allocation draw in which running order the entries will be presented to the audience in the Pacivision Song Contest 2023 topic. Once the event has been started off by our wonderful host @Maverick later this Summer (Note: maybe later, depends on some external factors), each roleplayer is supposed to post their (1) “Postcard”, (2) “Opening Card”/“Stage Ready Graphic”, (3) Lyrics and Performance Description in the order drawn by us through the allocation draw mentioned earlier. When all songs have been presented, voting will be conducted in this topic. The voting rules will be presented at a later date, but it is planned to introduce a “Rest of the World” vote additionally this year in order to open the roleplay event to TSP newcomers and gameside also.

And with that: Let’s begin this Pacivision season for real! Have fun! :slight_smile:


Country: Snolland

Song/Title: Warrior
Language(s): Austral
Artist(s)/Performer(s): John White
Songwriter(s): Yri Kena, Jona Attak

Broadcaster: STV
Commentator(s): Evva Zela
Spokesperson: Lika Vahê


Country: United States of Izaakia

Song/Title: I Love It

Language(s): Austral
Artist(s)/Performer(s): Kai
Songwriter(s): Kai

Broadcaster: Cosmos Network/IBC
[b]Commentator(s): Una Kissa, Garry Horton & Bobby O’Behave
Spokesperson: Bobby O’Behave


Country: Keanu and Hurley
Song/Title: Something Just Like This

Language(s): Austral
Artist(s)/Performer(s): Binge-Drinkers & Hotplay
Songwriter(s): Binge Drinkers

Broadcaster: KH1
Commentator(s): Nihoa & King Keanu
Spokesperson: Princess Kauai


Country: Kingdom of Stoinia

Song/Title: On this wedding

Language(s): Tarnese (Stoinian speech)
Artist(s)/Performer(s): Lia Railean
Songwriter(s): Lia Railean

Broadcaster: Terra Pacifica
Commentator(s): Dorin Parască
Spokesperson: Adelina Arcoș

Country: Republic of Sallodesia

Song/Title: Let’s have a Hooley!

Language(s): Austral
Artist(s)/Performer(s): Carlton Edmond
Songwriter(s): Carlton Edmond

Broadcaster: SBC (Sallodesian Broadcasting Company)
Commentator(s): Walter Berry
Spokesperson: Nadjela Mbong

Country: Principate of Conaro

Song/Title: Rock My Body

Language(s): Austral
Artist(s)/Performer(s): NINA, Coca! & R3CUP
Songwriter(s): NINA

Broadcaster: Conegasque
Commentator(s): Viçenço Coçeria
Spokesperson: Lisciandra Prelà


Country: Federation of Lutezzik

Song/Title: Classique
Language(s): Federation Standard, Austral, Quarese
Artist(s)/Performer(s): Adieu Baru
Songwriter(s): Adieu Baru

Broadcaster: Capitol District Records
Commentator(s): Maliha Russo, Krish Suder, and Keegan Pearce
Spokesperson: Keegan Pearce


Country: Ikoania

Song/Title: So Bear

Language(s): Austral
Artist(s)/Performer(s): ASCARNA
Songwriter(s): Lerena “Ascarna” Pardez, Aquesco Lopendez

Broadcaster: IATB
Commentator(s): Opasni Avarez
Spokesperson: Pordano Sejejes

Country: Holy Free

Song/Title: Limited life

Language(s): Austral
Artist(s)/Performer(s): PanixX ft. Rgayle Kormelink
Songwriter(s): PanixX, Rgayle Joris Kormelink

Broadcaster: HRFH
Commentator(s): Cees Waggeveld
Spokesperson: Pier Stein



Song/Title: Traffic Light

Language(s): Garanian
Artist(s)/Performer(s):Sungbin Ko [No more than Six]
Songwriter(s): Anton Ryu [If applicable]

Commentator(s): Ivan Boroshilov
Spokesperson: Svetlana Kuznetsova


Country: The United Tribes of Pētea

Song/Title: He Kākano Āhau (I am a Seed)

Language(s): Te Reo (Tūhanga), Austral
Artist(s)/Performer(s): Tangata Hīkoi
Songwriter(s): Hohepa Tamehana

Broadcaster: KPP
Commentator(s): Austral: Piriti Reynolds
Te Reo (Tūhanga): Manuhiri Pairama
Te Reo (Hua): Vaihere Pōmare
Gagana: Tupua Malae
Spokesperson: Maui Wētere


Country: Esfalsa

Song/Title: Empower
Language(s): Austral
Artist(s)/Performer(s): Five Leaves
Songwriter(s): Five Leaves

Broadcaster: AstraTV
Commentator(s): William Hepsworth
Spokesperson: Cedric Kopplin

Song Link (OOC)

YONAKA - Seize the Power (Official Video) - YouTube


Country: Sedunn

Song/Title: My Voyages
Language(s): Austral
Artist(s)/Performer(s): M. Ammb Onbefa
Songwriter(s): Firr Essalu, Vimmru Leve

Broadcaster: MV
Commentator(s): Ron Oposallu, Paksarr Tromē
Spokesperson: Ati Hunnienn

Country: Transsuneria

Song/Title: Ernfest (Austral “Harvest feast”)
Language(s): Transsunerian (pretend it’s actually not a Swedish dialect)
Artist(s)/Performer(s): Carli Skeer
Songwriter(s): Filipina Justerling

Broadcaster: TRF
Commentator(s): Karel Lister
Spokesperson: Susan af Sprangport (opera star)


Country: Phanama

Song/Title: Everything
Language(s): Austral
Artist(s)/Performer(s): Arri Auke
Songwriter(s): Arri Auke

Broadcaster: SèJ
Commentator(s): Iuli Olèvki (Phanaman), Laura Matanne (Austral)
Spokesperson: Cadenza Sarta


The national final 12 Punkte für Gianatla was held yesterday evening in Südtor’s Studio 8 featuring six songs by famous Gianlucian musicians (in Running Order):

Peter Wolf (opening act 2021) - Zukunft Pink (Alman: Future Pink)
Help - Planet of Blue (Austral/Alman)
Hater (representative 2021) - Klámstrákur (Old North Almannic: Filthy Boy)
JWvG - Ending (Austral)
R.E.V.O. - Weltuntergang (Alman: Doomsday)
Karl Birke & Heli 911 - Komet (Alman: Comet)

The Gianlucian public has clearly decided to send something in Alman this year. JWvG therefore had to be content enough with participating in the show, Help and Hater were put into 4th and 5th place. 3rd and 2nd place were given to Peter Wolf and the duo of Karl Birke & Heli 911 respectively, the latter being slightly surprised by their current chart single missing out on the win, which means Gianatla will be represented by band R.E.V.O. and their song “Weltuntergang” (Doomsday). The song already sparked controversy by being too political for Pacivision and some text lines likely needing to be rewritten. The band or BUS TV did not comment yet, if, when and how this will happen.

Country: Gianatla

Song/Title: Weltuntergang
Language(s): Alman
Artist(s)/Performer(s): R.E.V.O.
Songwriter(s): Fritz Mainzer, Tobias Armbruster, Janosch Liebig

Broadcaster: BUS TV
Commentator(s): Günther Lesch
Spokesperson: Peter Wolf

[b]Country:[/b] Fauderland

[b]Song/Title:[/b] Underdrücker (Underpressure)
[b]Language(s):[/b] Fauderlandish Alman
[b]Artist(s)/Performer(s):[/b] Gonex
[b]Songwriter(s):[/b] Gonez


The season finale of FiHami’s own “Idola FiHami” (Austral: FiHami Idol, the first iteration of a yearly song competition held for 10 weeks on FiHami’s national television) has concluded with an idol-off between Embers and Ash and up-and-coming idol Shisufi “Su’i” Astali. Embers and Ash performed a new release for the crowd, “Take It”, which was received with fearsome praise. However, the experienced band could not stand against rising star Su’i, whose performance of Gemina Rocks’ “Blaze!” caused power outages across the island.

pictured is the international release of Su’i’s cover of Gemina Rocks’ “Blaze!” available on many streaming platforms, with the Finixi-Aikirani text.

With F50,000 in her pocket, this rising idol will be representing FiHami in this year’s Pacivision.

Country: FiHami

Song/Title: Catch Fire - Jenix

Lyrics (somewhat modified)

-Fi-Nix is a species of falcon native to the island of FiHami known for using sticks set on fire to hunt prey. The bird is sacred to Finixi and Aikirani cultures.-

Born in captivity, time’s your worst enemy
Their hurt is getting older
You try to keep your rage inside this gilded cage
Your heart is getting colder

Don’t you feel you’re slowly dying?
Day by day, they treat you like an animal
You gotta fight, you gotta start a riot
So let’s wake up your sleeping Fi-Nix

Catch fire, catch, catch fire
Wake up the sleeping Fi-Nix
And use (use) your mind

Catch fire, catch, catch fire
Wake up the sleeping Fi-Nix
Do you feel (feel) alive?
Don’t let them keep you down

Do you know the reason why
Why they never let you sleep at night?
And you’re running 'round in circles
Their frozen fingertips against your burning lips
A fight for your freedom

You gotta fight, you gotta start a riot
So let’s wake up your sleeping Fi-Nix

Catch fire, catch, catch fire
Wake up the sleeping Fi-Nix
And use (use) your mind

Catch fire, catch, catch fire
Wake up the sleeping Fi-Nix
Do you hear (hear) their cry?
Don’t let them get you down

Come on, baby, come on, baby, burn tonight
One step into the jungle won’t hurt your mind
The fire will get them, baby, don’t you know?
Rebel now, watch them run

Now run, baby, run, baby, run tonight
One step into the jungle won’t hurt your mind
The fire consume them, baby, they couldn’t run
From your rage, we have won
We have won

Catch fire, catch, catch fire
Wake up the sleeping Fi-Nix
And use (use) your mind (use your mind)

Catch fire, catch, catch fire
Wake up the sleeping Fi-Nix
Do you feel (feel) alive?
Now you’re free, it’s victory

The fires shall rage on
Don’t let them get you down

Language(s): Finixi, Aikirani, Austral
Artist(s)/Performer(s): Su’i
Songwriter(s): Kaia “Gem” Hareni, Fukami Afi’a, Shisufi “Su’i” Astali

Broadcaster: FiHami National Television Broadcast (FNTB)
Commentator(s): Raiki “Ray” Kokostali, Tomas Grit, Isari Matakokoma
Spokesperson: Elara Hastofi


Country: Myria

Song/Title: Semayawī(Blue)

[b]Artist(s)/Performer(s): Miray
Songwriter(s): Nabil Ma’luf

Broadcaster: Myrian Broadcasting Centre (MBC)
Commentator(s): Hali
Spokesperson:Amin Mikhayla


Country: Eflad

Song/Title: Happiness
Language(s): Austral
Artist(s)/Performer(s): The Crabs
Songwriter(s): Günther Hart, Anton Unter

Broadcaster: ERT (Efladian Radiotelevision)
Commentator(s): Sandra Hiervorn
Spokesperson: Paul Weiner


Country: The United Provinces of Rhayna, Alla-gy and Nea-gy

Song/Title: Sousaus (IC name)

Language(s): Austral
Artist(s)/Performer(s): Ki An (Austral: What if) Members: Nik Frangidis, Tasos Vascelis, Lazaros Anastiades and Minas Mavrellis
Songwriter(s): Nik Frangidis

Broadcaster: EVDOMO
Commentator(s): Sophia Bureli (Austral commentator), Elias Fotakos (Aegean commentator)
Spokesperson: Paraskevas Terzelis


Country: Republic of Qaweritoyu

Song/Title: Different

Language(s): Austral
Artist(s)/Performer(s): Steward’s Enquiry
Songwriter(s): Darrell Pearl

Broadcaster: QBC
Commentator(s): Gabriella Myers
Spokesperson: Neha Moore

[b]Country: Lužnyčka[/b]

( Uz Maršala Tyta - With Marshal Tito



Orchestration: Krešimir Baranov

Composer: Oskar Danonić
Lyrics by Vladimir Nazorić

Lužnyčkan Communist Party

[b]Commentator(s):[/b] Yakov Nemanyyć (Lužnyčkan commentator), James Juan (Austral commentator)

[b]Spokesperson:[/b] Yosif Hrvoye Hrvatynyć