Pacivision Song Contest - Hosting Bids

No competition without a host!

Three time’s the charm - or the start of calling something a tradition!
The Pacivision Song Contest goes into its 3rd edition in 2023. After last year’s victory of the Gianlucian entry “Onbezonnen” by Frauke Westra, Gianatla would take precendence in hosting, if they were interested. However their local broadcaster BUS TV has advocated, that during those first years of the competition, the cepter of hosting should go all around Pacifica once before they would bring the competition back home to Südtor again.

Therefore the Pacivision Executive Board (PEB) represented by its supervisor Paro Ytti (IC)/me (OOC) is looking for people, who are interested in preparing and executing this year’s Pacivision Song Contest, who are not Gianatla (or Snolland or Hazelia). The contest preparations would start immediately after the host was chosen in around three weeks. The contest itself will probably start to be roleplayed after the IRL Eurovision, so at the end of May the earliest, preferably before August the latest.

If you are interested and think you can take on the task, please apply via the form below with one city of your choice (each roleplayer has one possible application!).

Application Form

**Host broadcaster:** broadcaster name and/or abbreviation

**Host City:** City name (Country name)

**Location:** name of the location

**Capacity of the Location:** minimum 15,000 people required

**Pictures (optional)**: picture of the location and/or stage - stolen from the internet or self-drawn

**Theme**: insert here your theme proposal for the 2023 contest, e.g. the ESC 2011 had the theme "Feel your Heart beat"

**Theme art proposals (optional)**: you may showcase here already your theme art, e.g. a potential logo or how a scoreboard would look like with your envisioned theme

You have two to three weeks time to prepare your applications and post them here before I will choose a winner. Don’t worry, I’ll try to support you with pulling this contest off to the best of my ability, so - to quote a famous Armenian - “you’re not alone”.

If you have any questions, you can ask them here via DM or over on Discord. I’m happy to answer them!

Note: This topic will be used for hosting bids in the future too, not just for 2023, to prevent clutter in the Pacifica topic.


Host broadcaster: Terra Pacifica

Host City: Calicea (Kingdom of Stoinia)

Location: Pacifican Breeze Arena - Arena Briza Pacifică

Capacity of the Location: 18,200

Pictures (optional):

Arena from the outside

Arena during a concert.

Arena’s seat division.

Theme: “Oceanus Pacificus”

Theme art proposals (optional): N/A


I may hereby announce the winner of the hosting bid for the Pacivision Song Contest 2023.
The next contest will be held by the debuting broadcaster “Terra Pacifica” from Stoinia in the Pacifican Breeze Arena in Calicea!
The motto of this year’s contest will be “Waves of Harmony”.
Broadcasters interested in participation in this year’s contest can already write themselves in through the following form (OOC: the poll below). The application process, where the songs will be presented internally to the PEB will start in the near future (OOC: I’ll notify all people, that were interested in participating, when they can start applying for the contest).

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Paro Ytti
Head of the PEB