Operation Bell (post-Great War ratline)

The Great War saw the defeat of the Imperialist powers in Pacifica, many were on their way to be convicted and tried for their crimes during the war. However for these new Imperialist asylum seekers, a certain country is interested in establishing ratlines to help smuggle them out of their countries and towards designated safe havens.

President Šummaker (alternatively written as Shummaker) in 1958

Following the end of the Clashonian Civil War in 1953, General Shummaker rose to the position of President, with the backing of the right-wing military and borderline fascist Republican Guards. Shummaker found his country to be in shambles and was in dire need of experts to help kickstart the economy, military, and governance of the Second Clashonian Republic. This would come in the form of Imperialist asylum seekers following the end of the Great War, which were hired by Shummaker as advisors.

Codenamed Operation Bell, Clashonia would establish ratlines from defeated Imperialist nations and smuggle them out to Clashonia. The Republican Guard, which was tasked with conducting this smuggling operation, used local sympathizers to help asylum seekers and war criminals escape from their country and from possible persecution and retribution for their actions during the Great War. Many prominent Imperialist politicians would find themselves in service to the Clashonian junta and would be key in modernizing Clashonia, which at the time was well behind many of its peers in technological advancements and industrial capacity.

During the leadership of President Klein, the Republican Guard would be disbanded after a coup attempt in 19xx. Klein began a de-Shummakerification of Clashonia. However, his policies didn’t include interning the war criminals present in the country, and while some were placed under house arrest, most were still under the protection of the Second Clashonian Republic. By the time of the monarchy’s restoration in 1984, most of the war criminals were no longer alive.

ooc and template

Operation Bell is meant to be an IRP version of the Argentinian ratline. If you want a prominent Imperialist politician, military general, demagogue, etc, to escape to Clashonia, you can simply add them to the list by filling out the template below:

Date of birth:
Date of arrival in Clashonia: [between 7 February 1955 (or earlier, if Imperialist regime collapsed before the end of the GW) – 19 September 1972]
Date of death:
Cause of death:
Country of origin:
Position in former country: [military/minister/collaborator. State their rank if there is any]
Known crime:
Possible position in Clashonia: [as a military/government advisor or as just an asylum seeker]
Image (if available):


Name: Dunstan Boeschg
Date of birth: June 21, 1928
Date of arrival in Clashonia: February 8, 1955
Date of death: September 18, 1962
Cause of death: Assassination
Country of origin: Oswaria
Position in former country: Lieutenant General of the Oswarian Ground Forces
Known crime: Massacre
Possible position in Clashonia: Military advisor
Image (if available):

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