Open Nominations for RMB Moderators

Following the conclusion of the Great Council, the TSP moderation team will be appointing 3-5 moderators to enforce the community standards and maintain decorum on the RMB. We will also be overseeing a rewrite of the community standards to build out RMB-specific guidelines in addition to the existing general guidelines.

As we begin that process we will be taking public input on both moderator appointments and amendments to the community standards, although both are ultimately subject to the administration team’s oversight.

To nominate a moderator please telegram HumanSanity and PenguinPies. Self-nominations or nominations of others are accepted and we will likely follow up to interview or discuss with promising candidates. Our expectations for moderators are that they have an active presence on the RMB, exercise strong judgement, are familiar with the community standards, and have an established relationship with TSP’s community (preferably on multiple platforms). You may nominate others or yourself and please include a brief statement explaining why the player you are nominating would make a strong moderator.

We are also happy to announce that @Drystar has already joined the team. Drystar has been a resident of TSP for literal years and has ample service on the old Local Council to draw on. We are confident Drystar will do well in the role.

To give input into the community standards please telegram HumanSanity and PenguinPies. The existing community standards will be used as a template and inform the RMB community standards, but there will likely be some RMB-specific posting guidelines as well.

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