On the 20th Anniversary of the South Pacific

31 December 2022 - For Immediate Release

Statement from the Chief Justice on the 20th Anniversary of the South Pacific

Today the South Pacific celebrates the occasion of the twentieth year since its creation, and what a joyous day this is for all who have the privilege of calling ourselves South Pacificans.

In our twenty years of existence we have long been a prominent participant in world events, from witnessing the birth of the Game Created Regions, to creating one of the first offsite forums, to playing pivotal roles in the ideological struggles of the 2010s, to playing a leading role in defending. But we have also been a comforting constant, setting ourselves apart as a fun and welcoming community for all, a region where anyone who comes in good faith can build a place for themselves.

I am proud to see that many have come over the years to do this, helping build critical infrastructure, run outreach programmes, build our diplomatic and military presence abroad, and expand our roleplay scene. These are critical tasks that help us build the region, and the work has been nothing short of admirable.

I am also proud to see the many who, without participating in government, have contributed to the region through their presence and role as active members of the community, making others feel that this is a community worth investing their time in. It is thanks to each and every one of you that we have a region worth joining.

On behalf of the High Court, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your part in making this region a fun and welcoming, community, and invite you to put on your lampshade, grab a glass of SPIT, and celebrate what makes our region the fun and welcoming place that we all know and love.

Happy Foundation Day!

Kris Kringle
Chief Justice of the South Pacific