October 2023 Chair of the Assembly Election | Declarations


October 2023 Chair of the Assembly Election

This is a regular election for the Chair of the Assembly. Please note the following relevant information for candidates:

  • Be a legislator.

  • Have become a citizen on or before 2023-10-24T19:00:00Z.

  • Declare their candidacy as a reply to this topic no later than 2023-10-29T19:00:00Z.

  • Post a topic with a campaign platform and a complete and truthful disclosure of conflicts of interest within NationStates.

Refer to the Elections Act for further information about the rules governing this process.

I nominate @Cryo, @BlockBuster2K43, and @Welly.


I nominate @ConcreteSlab


Thanks for the nomination. I accept!


I nominate @Silva and second the nomination of @Welly

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I nominat @Rosaj1

Oh, I didn’t expect that!
I deeply thank you, but I decline.

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I second the nomination of @BlockBuster2K43 and @ConcreteSlab


Thank you for the kind nominations. I thought very seriously about accepting, but I’ve ultimately decided against it for a few reasons. First, I plan to bring forward a number of legislative proposals in the coming months, including an overhaul of the Elections Act on which Griffindor and I are working. The neutrality and independence that I believe is required of the Chair seems inconsistent with advancing a fulsome legislative agenda. Second, I already have several other in-progress NS projects that I plan to take back up now that my RL obligations have let up a bit. Finally, and most importantly, I have immense confidence in BlockBuster and look forward to supporting their candidacy.