November 2023 SPSF Service Report

Hey TSP!

November was a quiet month for the South Pacific Special Forces, likely due to a long pause from sieging in Philippines. We did have two large liberations, however.

Monthly Statistics

Statistic This Month Trend Monthly Change Percentage Change
Updaters 23 -4 -14.81%
Updates 38 -12 -24.00%
Defenses 25 -98 -79.67%
Detags 228 -12 -5.00%

Notable Operations

November started off with a pause in sieging in Philippines, with many SPSFers there WA-locked. As a result, the number of detags and defenses this month went down drastically, with the number of updates, defenses, and detags going down by double digits. Finally, after a few weeks of waiting, we struck and Philippines was freed from invaders (you can read more about that here. When the Philippines occupation was finally ending, a new invasion started in The Crown Dependency of Hong Kong, but we liberated it in a few days.
At the end of the month, @ConcreteSlab led us and our Aegis allies on some detags, detagging 31 regions.

New SPSF Members

Please welcome @cool_34796 , @Fornax , @theorigionalmuffinma, and @waterguy2028 to the South Pacific Special Forces! We’re looking forward to working with you all on the battlefield.

Service Awards

Updates Attended

Rank Ribbon Awarded To
1 most updates150x45 Shibuya-Kanon
2 second-most updates150x45 Banexet
3 third-most updates150x45 Klysevia


Rank Ribbon Awarded To
1 most detags150x45 Shibuya-Kanon
2 second-most detags150x45 Banexet
3 third-most detags150x45 ConcreteSlab


Rank Ribbon Awarded To
1 most defenses150x45 Shibuya-Kanon
2 second-most defenses150x45 Banexet
3 third-most defenses150x45 Fornax

Congrats to @Shibuya-Kanon for sweeping the leaderboards once again, finishing first in all of the categories. Shoutout to @klysevia for attending the third-most updates, @ConcreteSlab for having the third-highest number of detags, and newcomer @fornax for having the third-most defenses! It’s always good to see active updaters in the SPSF.

Tidal Force Recap

This month marked the revival of the Tidal Force, our off-update defender force. This force is for people who want to participate in the SPSF, but cannot attend update or don’t have Discord. In November, the Tidal Force detagged 5 regions (Andy Moog, The Boys LLC, Aqua Office, Accelerative and The Gunshine State) and had 1 support (The Crown Dependency of Hong Kong). If you are interested in the Tidal Force, then check out this dispatch!

Contact and Conclusion

Even though there wasn’t as much activity this much, you all helped us score big victories in Philippines and The Crown Dependency of Hong Kong this month. Thanks to everyone who joined the fight to defend this month! All of you are a part of why we are one of the premier defender organizations in NationStates.

If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, just let me know! We’re open to any suggestions to make the SPSF a better defender force.

If what the SPSF does looks interesting to you, we’re always welcoming new members! You can apply here.