Nijisanji's Occult Research Club Investigations (Major 11-14 to Major 11-15)

HelestaCorp Regional HQ, Kanazawa, Hasunosora

The Nijisanji Recordings, Volume 9

FILE 09-01


The next few days have been fairly quiet. More traces of blanket fabric were collected when found, and the Idol’s friends have also taken to mess with sasquatch when spotted. Otherwise the Planet bases have been fairly quiet with little to no movement.

On the other hand, Fort Hana Macchia has been bustling and became the new active base of operations for the Love Live Star Idol Forces for a while now, which has since expanded to include Nijisanji under their umbrella. Fort Chisato Arashi has seen better days, though remains well maintained.

The Idol had built a more vibrant blanket fort in their new location with coffee-themed blankets, including one of pumpkin spice. HelestaCorp had unveiled more crystal idols and v-tubers, including an dusk crystal-powered AI Izumo Kasumi, a dezombiefied Kureiji Ollie (from Hololive!), and Madoka Higuchi who’s cold and dead serious. You know who else was dead serious? The old La-


Pl–s- --sh Y— -and-! --'r- dead —ious!


Muyu: Sorry everyone, we had technical difficulties, but we’re back!

the recording turns back on and proceeds as normal

Also at Fort Hana Macchia, there was a tall lighthouse that stood near the edge, and the waves were strong during this time of year. The coffee cup, which is the top of the lighthouse, serves as the vantage point. Inside, it also includes a powerful telescope, which can see stars from thousands of light years away. However, it can also see through universes, including the far lands of the northern reach.

Indeed, the Idol was there late-afternoon watching as the waves crash to shore and looking through the telescope. Activity was thriving down at the northern reach, with Operatic Rats singing duets. The Idol could easily hear their songs, which was soothing to listen to.

After an hour, the Idol returned from the lighthouse to bring the news. Preparations had begun, and HelestaCorp had went through upgrading all the crystal idols and v-tubers, with Crystal Macchia no longer having the horror theming. They also rolled out a new crystal v-tuber later that evening, based on Akabane Youko. The majority of the crystal idols/v-tubers were moved out of Fort Hana Macchia afterwards, down at the Planet bases of the Artificial Solar System.

Megumi, whom was watching the lighthouse that evening, reported of more movements: snakes rolling on in with skates and Cinoci. The dreams had once again came true, though haunted with memories of things we’ll never see-


Reports of reflections have been spotted piercing through the fog. Avoid the reflected lights. They have been reported to contain dangerous amounts of lead and uranium, owing to the glowing greens emerging from the lights. The ocean is contaminated and waves batter the shore. There’s a shadow-


Crystalised Youko gathered things together, and had brought along a mysterious book. With the snakes on skates on the other end all ready to go, so was she.

Several minutes of silence followed. The long halls were eerily quiet, and faint chimes of bells were heard, and noises were heard from the vents as the AC was kicked on. Or was it? It was quite cool outside…

After a while, Cinoci was here to backup the snakes on skates. Meanwhile, Youko’s frightening aura had seemingly paralyzed her own allies, freezing them in place. No movements were made for another three minutes, until…

They moved, and Youko followed along. The snakes on skates had managed to roll their way into victory, taking The Pacific northsouth with them. Youko looked around and indeed, her allies did not move.

Her radiating aura persisted a bit longer. Crystalised Madoka walked out into the halls, ready to follow. More snakes on skates rolled out and…

Missed? She followed through the open door to Great Archipelago United Nations GAUN though alone. She backtracked a bit, while the snakes were staying behind. They didn’t move back to their home base, instead, they rolled towards New Atlantica. Madoka arrived as well. Just her. Though she expected this would happen, she turned around and left.

Luckily, Youko managed to find a spell in her book and casted one to wake the allies back up. Crystalised Kureiji had arrived, more alive than ever, and with a clone of Hitori Gotoh backing her (Bocchi104), both were ready. The snakes once again made their move as they slid down the halls a bit, and entered the door to Calex

The snakes were too good. So was HelestaCorp’s tech, though hilariously, was way too good it backfired for them so far.

However, things started to turn around as Vor brought in more powerful backup. Crystalised Kogane had entered the fray, feeling as confident as ever. The halls were as unsettling as ever, however noticeably its begun to die down as a result of Youko’s spell from earlier.

This time, the snakes rolled through three doors in succession, with their first stop being Xarakuz. Kogane followed them though backtracked each time. After going through another door, the snakes went through one more towards WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWMW-



This window has encountered an error and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Muyu: Hmm… okay.

restarts recording

…Kogane managed to successfully surprise them with her cover song, singing back Fireflies by Owl City-


Crystalised Takamiya flew out, blasting down a wall with a crystalised lazer. It was showtime. Curiously, the hallways were no longer having that haunted feeling. The lights dimmed for a bit and then became colourful. The festival had begun, and the lights were moving like as if it was a dance floor.

The snakes rolled out, this time, towards… Junta!? Takamiya fired another crystalised lazer, having demolished a part of the building denying them the entrance; while Vor was able to shut them down. For a region that’s plans to coup the South Pacific, they sure let their defences down-

heavy static

Welcome to the South Pacific LLC!

The official governing regime of the South Pacific is TSPCorp! We’ve lasted over 20 years, and after rebranding in 2030, have transitioned into a corporation!

Come tour our lobby today, and consider becoming a shareholder!

the tape cuts out for a few minutes. After a moment of silence, it starts again

AI Crystalised Izumo started up, and went through the door towards KLYTH tracking down the snakes. The lights dimmed again, and when returning to normal, she and her ally was able to secure the room. The radiating dusk crystals lent power towards her ally whom was able to send them on a slide down all the way to the realms below.

After grabbing a glass vase, with glass roses, Crystalised Rosemi had arrived on scene. The lights across the hallways were now rotating slowly through pastel colours. Rosemi followed Cinoci to NatCons Crew, though all left after a few seconds. She then clipped through the edges of the walls landing temporarily in the 765 Production universe, though she returned after cutting down the walls around her. The snakes then made their next move, entering through a door towards the vast expanse of space, and skated their way to The Mars planet. However, they arrived late, so they then rolled through a large TV on the planet and into the world of films, shifting towards Disney Movies. Rosemi clipped out of bounds again, and fell into Chiyoko Sonoda’s house. After the choco idol gave her a piece of chocolate, Rosemi returned back to base ready to follow.

The snakes then travelled out from TV land and into Eee. Just e-


We’re gonna talk about e. The big, famous constant, e. Okay it’s one of the famous mathematical constants, one of the most important, goes along with pi, and I don’t know, golden ratio, and square root of two-


-arrived at FadhlRegainn. They walked right into a crystal rose garden which Rosemi summoned, and after handing her ally one of Koishi’s spell cards, had sent them off through the door towards the underground world.

Crystalised Muyu had departed from the Dream World, ready to eat people’s dreams. The hallway lights were glowing purple now, and Muyu flew after the snakes rolling on by. After several twists and turns, the snakes went through several doors towards ISRO. Muyu and her ally followed, having successfully ate their dreams in claiming the room for themselves.

Shortly after, sunflowers started to emerge from another door. Crystalised Himawari walked out, having travelled through the Garden of the Sun. Yuuka’s spellcards in hand, she followed after the snakes through another door. She pursued them across interdimensional space, making a long trek towards The Ares 6 Mission. Once more a visit to Mars was paid, and after having used the spellcard, Fantasy “The Beauties of Nature”, she and her ally were able to guard the base from the encroaching snakes. Afterwards, she left through space again and back into the hallways.

Meanwhile, the hallway lights changed again, shifting through the lights seen during an aurora borealis. Crystalised Lize made her grand entrance, exiting from the blue-coloured door. The surroundings started to change, with first the lights being turned off, then with the ceilings disappearing, revealing the night sky and a powerful aurora dominating the night sky, along with the stars ever shining so brightly.

The snakes rolled on, down the long winding halls, before making their way towards the Coast of Love. Lize followed along, and once there the walls had also disappeared, with only the floors remaining. But those too changed into natural paths. The ocean waves were gently crashing the shorelines. Both the snakes and Lize stayed there for a bit, at opposite sides, ready to fight. The snakes made their final move once more, rolling along the coastline to Ocalawaha. Lize’s ally followed first, then herself. The snakes were sent off on a one way ticket to the realms; while their friend was unable to make it in time.

More snakes were at first ready to go, but decided to call it off for the night. The lights shut off at their place, seemingly going back to sleep.

That said, the night just wasn’t over yet, with more things to take care of. Crystalised Nikaido rode her motorbike down to The Grand Imperial Regime of Nantuvia, where she and her ally swept away remaining feathers. Two more places followed for unfinished business, with HelestaCorp also collecting abandoned items the pirates left behind.

After an adventurous night, it was time to head back. The idol returned to Fort Hana Macchia, coffee in hand, and went home. The night sky was as bright as ever, with only the shining stars dominating the skies, and a faint sighting of Mars.

Major 2023-11-14

Idol Kotoha Tanaka (Super-Express: Dream Express)
[ERN] Vor

Defences: 7

NationStates | JUNTA
NationStates | KLYTH
NationStates | FadhlRegainn
NationStates | ISRO
NationStates | The Ares 6 Mission
NationStates | Ocalawaha

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283 Public Library, Higashikurume, Chihaya

Muyu’s Reports, Volume 6

The next morning, the Idol had already taken off. Having bought a coffee along the way, they then went straight towards Confederation Of Great Nations along with another ally. It was a quiet morning, and with many people away somewhere else, the streets were deserted as normal.

HelestaCorp had deployed Crystalised Minamoto and Crystalised Macchia, both whom hadn’t seen action yet, towards New Atlantica and Calex respectively. Snakes on skates were discovered, and we have high bets they’re the ones the posters from Blanket Fort Legion was talking about. But, HelestaCorp’s not one to make assumptions, so a proper investigation is underway.

In the meantime, Hecatia Lapislazuli set off to Interuniverse Obezyaniya to take care of unfinished business, while Sonoda Chiyoko went to Union of Independent States in search of chocolates! She found cookies, but sadly, it had feathers on them. Unlike blankets, you can’t clean up a cookie, it’s contaminated forever.

As Chiyoko returned back afterwards, Hecatia shared some of the chocolates she bought, with her. The idol had also returned back home, having bought around 11/12 coffees. I couldn’t understand it myself, but are they really going to drink that much coffee??

Minor 2023-11-14

Idol Kotoha Tanaka Reporter Muyu Amagase
[TGW] The Crackerish Legion

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NationStates | New Atlantica
NationStates | Calex
NationStates | Interuniverse Obezyaniya
NationStates | Union of Independent States


The following night, the Idol wasn’t around. That said, Crystalised Youko returned, and joining her was Rex Zero 1 and Tareus. Before the latter two departed on their own paths, Youko gave them each different items: grappling hook for Rex, and a powerful flashlight for Tareus. Confused as to why, Youko assured to trust her, as they’ll need them later.

Youko left off to return to The Pacific northsouth. Luckily, the night was calm, and the stars remained as bright as ever. She managed to sneak around, was careful not to make a sound, and had quietly managed to take down the BFL flag. Of course, they were being collected for the Idol, owing to the fact they’re such a huge fan!

Rex Zero 1 traversed through the fields and into a large palace and had came across several large pits. Using the grappling hook Crystal Youko gave her, she jumped across several pits towards the normally unreachable rooftop. She changed the misprinted sign on top, and headed back down the same way. However, after exiting, she noticed the scenery around had changed, as if the palace had expanded somehow.

Tareus ran down another part of this expanded palace, dodging unidentifiable enemies. The lights had flickered, and a bit later, burnt out. She took the flashlight out and turned it on. The light emitted was super strong, at around 5000 lumens, though it had a bonus side effect of vaporising enemies along the path. Soon she and her ally made it to Supernus. After searching around for a while, and dusting off a bunch of doors, they discovered a few of them were set up by someone else. Furthermore, there was a smaller door discovered next to them, and after opening it, switches were found. Vor managed to shut down the ones that led to the hawks, one that led to the assassins, and one that led to a naval base.

Afterwards they turned to leave, and the palace started to show signs of evaporating. Indeed, the roof was disintegrating, soon revealing the night sky once more. The walls followed and faded away by the time they reached the exit. With the last thing on the list taken care of, both Youko’s group and their ally parted ways returning to their own homes…

After reading, Kotoha had put the report back in the binder and returned it to the shelf. Then as she left the library she felt the fresh breeze pass around her, and down the empty streets in the city. She started to walk down the road until she noticed something that wasn’t there previously. It was a a green glass door. As she walked towards the door, it opened, with Youko Akabane (not the crystal version) stepping out. She came from the Occult Research Club! After a moment of silence (and the door disappearing behind Youko) Kotoha asked “…So what brings you here?”

“I’m here as there’s been reports of idols and v-tuber clones, but made out of crystals! Have you seen any recently?”

Major 2023-11-15

V-tuber Kotoha Tanaka (Idol of Rumours and Speculation)
[ERN] Vor

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