News from Abroad

Post here anything relevant from your assigned regions.

What is relevant or not is subject to a bit of interpretation; the guiding principle is that anything that could be relevant to our interaction with that region or its general place in the interregional political sphere should be posted. Here is a rough guideline:

  • A change in government leadership (for example Prime Minister, Delegate, Minister of Foreign Affairs, etc.) IS relevant.
  • A new treaty or a repeal of a treaty IS relevant.
  • Significant internal restructuring in governance (such as adding or removing an entire branch of government) IS relevant.
  • News regarding Festivals (shared or not)/Anniversaries/Parties IS relevant.
  • Small tweaks to legislation is NOT relevant.
  • Roleplay-news is NOT relevant.

(Post authorship credit goes to @Roavin)

Apparently I never posted this here but TGW and XKI have ratified the Order – Islands Accord, a MDT.