New Minister of Foreign Affairs

Greetings to the Assembly.

Earlier today, Minister of Foreign Affairs @HumanSanity offered me their resignation. We both agree it is in the Coalition’s interests to chart a different course for our foreign policy, in light of recent events, and as such, I have chosen to accept it. I thank the Minister for their service over the past two months, for their guidance within the Cabinet on a variety of foreign policy issues, and wish them all the best moving forward.

To that end, we also find ourselves in an area of legal ambiguity. The Charter states that the Prime Minister is responsible for the appointment and dismissal of Ministers, but the Elections Act states that a special election will be held for vacancies arising within the Cabinet if at least half the term remains. To that end, earlier today the Cabinet has issued an Executive Order to clarify these provisions, and request that the Assembly approve its inclusion into law as soon as possible.

In accordance with Article V, Section 3 of the Charter, I am appointing @Pronoun as Minister of Foreign Affairs for the remainder of my term. They have most recently served as Minister of Engagement in the previous Cabinet, and Minister of Defense in the Cabinet before that, and is no stranger to dedicated service to the Coalition. I place my full confidence in them to begin working on re-calibrating our foreign policy outlook, and look forward to what we can accomplish in the Cabinet for the rest of this term.

Yours Truly,
@ProfessorHenn / Sporaltryus
Prime Minister of the South Pacific

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Congratulations to Pronoun on their appointment! I look forward to seeing how they help to shape our future foreign affairs policies.

As for the executive order, seems appropriate, although as you mentioned, since the Charter holds supremacy, I imagine you could appoint a minister regardless, and should the action be challenged in the courts, you would most likely win. Regardless, a fine correction that we should most definitely codify.

Best of luck @Pronoun , you’ve got your work cut out for you!

But also, thank you @HumanSanity for your service - despite all this recent kerfuffle (and my yelling), your qualifications and quality of work are irrefutable, and I hope to see you in Cabinet again sooner rather than later.

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