National Wellness Check [ 2 ABT ]



Taivaallinen Wormhole

Belt Of Taivaallinen

Taivaallinen and it’s glowing accretion disk, as seen from one of the windows of the Belt.

Almost two years had passed from the skirmish that was the Wormhole War, and very few - if any - news about the secession civil war had reached the Empire and any of it’s allies. No signal ever came from the other side of Taivallinen, and to avoid causing another international incident, either by crossing the Wormhole and causing the various nuclear mines presumed to be on the other side explode, or just by exploding the mines before crossing through.

In the meantime, Taivallinen’s system had re-flourished following the Sereniani’s relativistic attacks. A large percentage of the population had moved from the planets to new orbital habitats and megastructures, and the planets now relied on their own orbital solettas to avoid repeating the situation with the accretion disks that had previously threatened to make them uninhabitable. New superluminal tracking and point defense systems, similar to the ones installed on the Belt, were given by the Empire to the various planets and moons, so that relativistic glassing attacks would require orbital superiority to be carried out.

A month before, the Belt Of Thaievia had completed it’s construction: a relatively-small mass-stream orbital suprashell, 6000 kilometers in diameter, outfitted with a large amount of scanning, tracking, defense and attack systems, as well as a large amount of spaceports and hangars outfitted with millions of swarmer drones. That way, if any unauthorized ship decided to cross through into Galactyan space, they’d be eliminated before making it out of the inner accretion disk.

With new security and defense methods assured for Taivaallinen, the Empire had decided to take a “political” risk, and send a small fleet of ships to Sereniani space to see how the civil war was progressing. Thanks to the new Rainbowspace-capable RGW Drives, the previously months-long trip to the last known location of the probe sent during the War would now take little over a standard day.

Exiting from one of the many spaceports located on the Belt, the eight 15 kilometer large warships opened their rifts to the darkness of Rainbowspace, and set off at more than 500 thousand times the speed of light towards their distant destination.


RNDFV Clarity of Dawn (DDC-484), Lagrange Point 3 of Frisdale
CMDR Rachel Crystalia & MCPO Caleb Cob

Rachel Crystalia sits in the Vault room, listening to the monotone briefing, before—

“Scramble! Scramble! Alert crews to their Starcraft!”

Rachel grabs her helmet, others nearby, grabbing items, but she’s the first out onto the RLC’s Conveyer styled floor. Hopping into her SSF-294C, she’s greeted by the cheery, but anxious voice of her WSO, Caleb Cob.

“Evening, ma’am.”

“You sleepin’ in the WSO seat, again?”

“Was, before the scramble, and you opening the window.”

Caleb and Rachel share a chuckle as the craft conveyer moves it towards the accelerator, and the tensed voice of the RCL controller, before hearing

“Tac Name?”

“Frost & Cob, punching our cards in.”

“Frost and Cob, one ship battlecruiser size, unknown compliment, it’s painted, investigate the ship. Fire if fired upon, don’t shoot first unless you can confirm it’s the Feds. Questions?”

“Negative, punch us out.”

“Alright, rolling the RCL.”

The Starcraft lurches away from the Clarity of Dawn, before hearing over the multispect

“RCL Capacitor broke, it’s just you.”

“Son of a glitch—”

“We’re cool, vectoring to track 1087.”

“Ughh, opening Archer Pod, let’s get a look at this track.”

“Anything IFF related?”

“It’s not a federation contact, should we send a message?”

“Go for it.”

“ALCON. ALCON. ALCON. This is Saber Element of the Scientific Directorate of Rosecordia. Flash Ident or be flagged hostile, you are trespassing Directorate Space.”


Eight S2 High Transapients were given remote control of the eight warships through internal communications relays, through which they handled their internal systems, armament arrays and engines, guiding them around as if they were extensions of their bodies (which they didn’t actually have, as their “bodies” were kilometers long orbital stations with extensive energy collection, defense and movement systems in orbit of a Galactyan gas giant).

"Incoming communication. It's origin point is a vessel whose signature matches Rosecordian ones. They are proclaiming to be a vessel of the "Scientific Directorate Of Rosecordia" warning us due to our trespassing inside Directorate space."

"Then it is high probable that the Federation has been pushed back from these territories, or it has completely lost the secession civil war. Regardless of that, we must continue to be careful."

"I'll send them a reply message, stating our origin and intentions."

Saber Element of the Scientific Directorate of Rosecordia, this is a fleet of the Galactyan Empire. We are sorry for trespassing inside of your territory, and we ask for permission to reach your current location. We were sent here to control the progression of the civil war. We are happy to see that this system appears to be under Rosecordian control.

“For now, let’s keep moving towards the origin point of the message. If we are denied access, we can move our trajectory to another location.”

“While we await for a response, I’ll start to relay the message data over to central communications nexus.”


SSF-294C Saber Element, 94th Space Superiority Squadron
CMDR Rachel “Frost” Crystalia & MCPO Caleb Cob

“They’re from the Galactyan Empire.”

“Maintain bearing, get us in touch with the carrier.”

“We got a four element battlecruiser team from the Galactyan Empire. Uniform Composition. They appear to want progress on the civil war. Orders?”

“Flow, Listia-L-GAW Centre-Rosecordia. Once we fix this damned capacitor we’ll follow.”

“Galactyan Empire Vessels, follow us. We’ll take you to someone more equipped to answer your questions.”


Instructions loud and clear. We will follow you to the next destination.


Listia-L-GAW Center Relay
CMDR Rachel “Frost” Crystalia & MCPO Caleb Cob

The gate looks oddly energetic, pushing matter and energy through the gate and firing it through

“First ride through a GAW Relay is your worst experience, just hang onto those things. First stop is our Long Distance GAW Relay.”

Frost barely finishes her sentence as the SSF-294C is shot through the Relay

L-GAW Center
CMDR Rachel “Frost” Crystalia & MCPO Caleb Cob

Frost & Cob recover from GAW, before communicating with Center’s Traffic Control

“ALCON. ALCON. ALCON. Be advised we have a two team battlecruiser from the Galactyan Empire. Does anybody copy this communique?”

“Center Terminal Copies, you heading to Rosecordia?”

“Bingo, waiting on them to pass on through.”

“Vector Traffic away from Listia Gate, we got incoming heavy traffic.”

A Couple of hours later…

Guardian Spire Station, Rosecordia System
CMDR Rachel “Frost” Crystalia & MCPO Caleb Cob

Frost walks out into the bay, stretching slightly as she is approached by a very young 2nd Lt who salutes her.

“You don’t salute an officer as an officer.”


“New officer?”

“Y-Yeah… I graduated two months ago.”

“Ah. 5 Years. Rosepoint?”

“S-Starflower Defense Analytics School.”

“So, what’d you need me for?”

“You’re needed on CiC Ground Floor.”

“Thanks, see you around.”

Frost walks away toward the CiC, passing panicking analysts and other workers.

“Heya. What’s up?”

“Just who the gates did you bring?”

“Galactyan Empire. Odd lookin’ ships, no?”

"Why’d you bring them here?

“Pretty sure you can help them with their questions.”

"Fine… You’re free to go.

“Sweet! See you guys 'round.”

“Guardian Spire Station hailing Galactyan Empire Vessels, what do you guys need?”


"We were sent here to assess the progression of the civil war that was started in your nation following the Taivaallinen Attacks."

"Due to the lack of any information transmitted through the wormhole, and impossibility to send a reconnaissance probe or ISO through fearing another series of fear-motivated military attacks, we decided to take the long way and come here "in person", if that can even be said."

"Our main purpose was to assess the current situation of both the Federation and the Directorate. After all, the Federation glassed one of the Empire's planets, rendering itself Galactya's first true political enemy in thousands of years."

“After your ships went back through the Wormhole’s Throath, we detonated the mines you had left behind, and constructed a new defensive megastructure, so that no further situation like the Thaievia RKKS attacks could repeat itself. This control of ours is going to be used to determine whether or not further armament is needed on the Belt.”

“However, considering the fact that the Federation seems to no longer be in control of this volume of space, or to have even lost the secession war, we believe further armament and military preparation will no longer be needed. Which is a relief, and a great one at that.”

“Considering the current situation, we now also come as ambassadors for the empire. tensions and resentment towards the Sereniani as a whole is still rampant between the other member nations of the coalition, and even within our own empire: establishing neutral or at least positive relations as soon as possible would be a wise move on both of our parts.”

“If it is of your interest, the Wormhole could become a trading point of sorts, and the Belt Of Thaievia could go from being a defensive megastructure, to one used to also host habitats and trading points, as well as hosting a proper communication system between us.”

“Such a trading point, as well as other treaties, would help improve the Directorate’s image immensely throughout the Coalition, and beyond. Both the Common Republic Of Colestia and the Ryccian Empire, which at the time were not part of the Coalition’s Ranks, are diffident of the Directorate due to the political backlash that association with the Federation has brought you.”


Guardian Spire Station, Rosecordia

“Federation’s gone. Been gone for a year. They’ve taken their share of lives. Of about 4 Trillion Serniani, they turned half of them into glass. Don’t expect us to be very warm to you guys. Treaties, trade, and the Directorate’s image currently isn’t of our concern. Not right now, anyway. We’re feeling isolationist again. We’re still self sufficient. Been that way for the last thousand or so years. You want to get that changed, talk to our Secretary of Foreign Affairs. I can get that arranged for you, but she’s… Weird. Always talking about that odd… Anyway. You want to talk treaties, I’m not your guy.”

Guardian Spire Station, Hangar Bay
CMDR Rachel “Frost” Crystalia & MCPO Caleb Cob

Rachel walks back towards the hangar, seeing her WSO sleeping, again.

“Get up, c’mon…”

“I’m awake, I’m awake…”

“We’ve been flying for 49 hours, we should probably go get some food.”

“Well, the food here isn’t the best.”

“Oxie Soup is okay.”

“Well, isn’t there a shipyard outside Guardian Spire?”

“Oh, right, there’s a Palisade on refit over there. We can go take a look from the cafeteria, let’s go.”

Rachel can be seen dragging her WSO out of the cockpit, only to see the same young 2nd lt from earlier

“Hey, uhh…”

Caleb snaps to attention and salutes the 2nd lt

“At ease…?”

“Something you need?”

“You’re needed in the CiC again.”

“Alright, let’s go.”