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The Nasionale Informasie Vereniging (Austral: National Information Association) is the premier source for news in Damseäarde. Founded in 1982, the NIV has won multiple awards for its unbiased reporting of events in Damseäarde and around the world, and won the Award for Outstanding Journalism in 1988 for its reporting of the 1987 Damseäardan coup d'etat. It won the award again in 2010 when it kept outputting unbiased journalism even when forced underground during the 2009 coup d'etat. It currently operates in Gonan, Goanya after being forced out of the country during the 2013 purges under the military government, but it is still able to work with in-country correspondents to bring the most up-to-date news without any influence from the military dictatorship in power.

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Day 3 of Rivierdorp riots: martial law declared • Over 1,000 rioters took to the streets in Rivierdorp on Sunday following the pardon of Stiaan Klerk
• Klerk was accused of orchestrating the murder of over 1,300 pro-democracy activists during the 2013 purges

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Day 3 of Rivierdorp riots: Martial law declared

Today marks the third day of the riots that have engulfed the streets of Rivierdorp. On Sunday, almost 1,500 rioters took to the street to protest the pardon of Stiaan Klerk. Klerk ordered the killing of over 1,300 pro-democracy activists during the purges of 2013, but new estimates following the Waarheid documents put that number at over 3,000. Klerk generally focused his activities in the Rivierdorp area and had high-ranking city officials who were popular among the people killed for suspected connections to the pro-democracy group Damseäarde Forward. Investigations by the Nasionale Informasie Vereniging in 2016 showed that these connections likely did not exist.

At 6 am local time, a Presidential order was issued, putting all Rivierdorp districts under martial law, as well as temporarily seizing control of the entire Rivierdorp province. Even as early as 10 am, military units were seen in Rivierdorp patrolling the streets for rioters. A riot briefly arose in District 17, but it was put down quickly.

At 12 noon, a curfew was announced for the entire province where nobody could go outside without a military escort from 9 pm to 6 am. So far, the curfew has been strictly enforced by the military but that may change as the night goes on. It is believed about 100 rioters were arrested after leaving their homes at 10 pm to protest in District 9.

So far, it is believed 100 people have died in confrontations with the police with many more injured or missing. A large fire began yesterday in District 3 that was put out quickly, but not before several large commerce buildings were severely damaged. So far, approximately 18 million Munt in property has been stolen from buildings and 41 million Munt in property damage has occurred, putting this riot as one of the most costly in Damseäardan history, just beating out the massive riot that occurred in Hoopstad after the coup d’etat in May 1950.

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