My forum "badge"

This is pretty minor, and in full honesty, I don’t care about this, however, my boredom has forced me into writing something like this up. I’m not exactly sure about the respective name of this thing is, so I’m just going to call it my Forum badge. It’s like on Discord, a Legislator has theirs, same with a Cabinet Minister and such.

Mine is one for a Legislator. Yes, that is correct. However, I do serve as a Cabinet member. :slight_smile: This is also a call for awareness for a potential future problem :slight_smile:

Again, I don’t care, however, this could be a future problem for other Forum users so I just wanted to raise this as a concern. And this also may be posted in the wrong category, or boardspace, or so if so, please let me know.

These are customizable in your account preferences:

Ohhh…I’m stupid!!!

And, do I have to re-apply for Legislatorship if I already did the LegComm thing on the old forums (PMing HS?)

You’re already in the legislator group, so no.

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Thought so! thanks once again and wonderful job making this website! I can do a gameside recruitment drive if needed :slight_smile: