Mitallduk Confederacy Fact Sheet

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List of Mitalldukish Navy Ship Classes

Official languages:

Mitallish, and Federation Standard


Zhara (zS)


Main industries:
A mixture of government spending, state-run industries, and private enterprises make up most of the economy in Mitallduk. The main industries are arms manufacturing, especially ammunition and firearms, agriculture, mining, especially coal and iron ore, and desalinization technologies.

Top Exports of Krauanagaz:

  1. Arms and Ammunition:
  • Firearms, ammunition, and military equipment for international markets.
  • Technological innovations in defense and security.
  1. Agricultural Products:
  • Surplus crops, including grains and produce.
  • Agricultural technologies and expertise.
  1. Mining Resources:
  • Coal and iron ore for global industrial use.
  • Specialized ores for various applications.
  1. Desalinization Technologies:
  • Cutting-edge desalinization equipment and solutions.
  • Consultation services for water-related projects.
  1. Refined Oil:
  • Processed oil for use in different industries.
  • Excess oil production for export.

Top Imports to Krauanagaz:

  1. Technology and Machinery:
  • Advanced machinery for industrial processes.
  • High-tech equipment for arms manufacturing and desalinization technologies development.
  1. Raw Materials:
  • Specialized ores and metals for industrial applications.
  • Chemicals and materials for ammunition and firearm production.
  1. Food Products:
  • Agricultural goods to supplement domestic production.
  • Specialty food items and luxury goods.
  1. Energy Products:
  • Refined oil to meet energy demands.
  • Technological components for energy infrastructure.
  1. Consumer Goods:
  • Electronics, textiles, and other consumer products.
  • Luxury items for the affluent population.

GDP (nominal):
2,259,000,000,000 zS (2,168,640,000,000 dollars)


Gross National Income (GNI):
2,321,229,624,117.02 zS

GNI per Capita:
~99,230.84 zS

Gini Coefficient:


Total Population:

Provinces and their population

Province MPs Population % of Population
Tadukallai 158 9,235,985 39.48%
Mitallzhra 63 3,693,299 15.79%
Zhanari 150 8,758,632 37.44%
Dukzhirra 17 965,238 4.13%
Kevta’allai 7 385,142 1.65%
Disputed Territories 5 353,925 1.51%
Total 400 23,392,221 100%

Confederacy Ethnicities

  • Mitalldukish 98.9%
  • Multiracial or other - 1.1%

Life expectancy at birth: 78.8 years

Mean years of schooling: 14.8 years

Expected years of schooling: 18 years

Every person must serve at least 2 years in any branch of the military, or in a national civil government position for 6 years.

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