Ministry of Engagement Active Membership Requirements

Greetings! Since each individual minister has ownership over their forum areas, the Ministry of Engagement will have requirements for their personnel to meet in order to maintain access to this subforum. The Minister of the time can update, remove, or increase activity requirements as they see fit.

As of today, the Minister of Engagement will perform eligibility checks within the first week of every month.

The current requirements needed to maintain official membership (and masking on the forums) are:

  • Membership on the South Pacific Discord server
  • Last active status (on the forums) within four weeks of the activity check
  • Enrollment in the mentorship program, either by being a mentor or providing regional history.

NOTE: The Minister of Engagement will have ultimate discretion over the personnel of the Ministry. Ineligible personnel could still be retained, and otherwise, eligible personnel can be removed. The Minister of Engagement will also take into account the Leave of Absences the Chair of the Assembly approves when determining active membership.

The current list of personnel employed by the Ministry of Engagement can be found here.

This thread is also to be used for other membership requests, updates, and inquiries, including but not limited to:

  • Resigning group membership or participation in the membership program
  • Requesting a ministry-specific leave of absence (this can be done privately via PM/DM/TG to the Minister)
  • The Minister announcing the results of the monthly eligibility check