Ministry of Culture: General Information

The Ministry of Culture was founded in 2020, as a result of the Ministry of Regional Affairs split. The ministry works to plan enjoyable events for the South Pacific to enjoy, and also works in the coordination and planning field of roleplay.

This thread shall serve as a place for important Ministry updates. These could include fun games and events for you to participate in, general updates, and roleplay announcements!

The Ministry has multiple roles and they are as following:

Minister - Leads the Ministry
Deputy Minister - Position below the Minister, assists with various things
Senior Staff - A staffer, however, at a more senior role with more experience in the Ministry
Bureau Chief - A leader of one of the Ministry’s bureaus, which are, Event Planning, Roleplay Planning, and Public Engagement
Staff - A regular staffer in the Ministry

See who holds a Senior role in the Ministry below:

Office Office Holder
Minister @ProfessorHenn
Deputy Minister Vacant
Senior Staff TBD
Bureau Chief TBD
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Where do we participate in the Ministry of Culture?

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You’re on Discord, yes? Specifically, our regional server?

I made a Discord account for the Potato Alliance, and am on the TSP discord as well

What is your personal Discord handle? Then the party of Culture begins…!

In the TSP discord I have it set to show my username as New American Dictatorship
My real username is AceOfSpades#1755
I’m guessing this is what you wanted. I’m still very new to the terminology

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Processing that ASAP.

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Once our Discord moderators process the request, you’ll unlock a whole new world of Culture on Discord.

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Great, thank you!