Mental Health Awareness Campaign

Mental Health Awareness Campaign

After a Discord discussion with @Bhjarati, they suggested that we have a week in May dedicated to mental health awareness. After all, May does happen to be Mental Health Awareness Month however we should always be cognizant of the personal health of our community members during every month.

We’re thinking about running something similar during our TSPride festival a month later.

Bharat suggested that we maybe have interviews and small talks with people who are willing to “share their stories of the past [regarding mental health] and talk about how they overcame them.”

There is also an argument to rework the mental health resources dispatch and update it for the future.

Have any other suggestions for the campaign to entail? Post them down here!

I’d just like to ask, how could the mental health resources dispatch be improved?

Here’s a look at the current one. Firstly, it’s written by Seraph (Erinor) a former Delegate among other positions. However, Seraph is no longer active here in the South Pacific and they are the publisher and “upkeeper” of the dispatch.

There could be more sites we need to add, replace, or remove from the dispatch. We might also want to add suicide hotlines and other caller and text information (there’s one list with all of them but we could put one section with them directly there).

I’ll have a look into it in my spare time, and we could just copy the dispatch and edit it.

You could also crib from the main ns one in general? NationStates • View topic - Links to resources for those who feel depressed/suicidal

Edit didn’t realize this was a cabinet thread. Sorry I’ll bugger off

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I think we could take some sites off of that list too.

Don’t worry about this being a Cabinet thread! It’s a planning thread in the Cabinet space but feel free to post here.

It’s a public Cabinet thread rather than a private Cabinet area thread, so you’re welcome to participate

I’m fine if someone wants to put together updated resources for this, I’m all in favor as long as we don’t displace the principle that no-one in the server is qualified to or (even if they were qualified to) obligated to/expected to provide professional mental health advice.

Oh, I thought I managed to get into the private cabinet side by accident due to the modship. :joy:

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