Map of the South Pacific

Link to NationStates nation in the South Pacific:*

The Republic of Papakawhenua

Name for the plot:* Papakawhenua
Desired plot:* 136
Capital: TANYAPA
Location of capital:* anywhere along the east shore inside bay of the largest (main) island (red dot on map)

Please add the following:
-Humarutuka: on second largest island/island exiting the bay of the main island

-Kaihuku Port: northwest of the inside of the bay of the main island

-Tuataune: northern most point of the main island

-Wahupa: eastern most point of main island

Name bay ’Papaka Bay’

Already owned plot(s): none

I confirm that I have:
read the instructions 5
the intent to participate in roleplay in the Pacifica canon
made sure that the plot hasn’t been claimed by someone else
given each plot I claim a separate name