Map of Sector A1-0

Please remove Damseaarde from the map, as I no longer have interest in this roleplay.

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Aww :[


Can you please add these changes to Colonus? Thank you :smile:

Unifying Light removed
Hexadecimal added
Scytheros added
High Divinity added


I’ll be retiring from A1-0 as both RPer & Map Manager. It’s been a heck of a blast and an inspiring one at that. So much so that it has inspired me to actually start writing a novel and possibly even an entire book series. This ordeal all started with a quote of Marcus Aurelius: “If you want to become a writer, write.”

The sheer wackity of A1-0 far exceeded any expectations I had and I’m glad to see it evolve into the next stage. I’ve been here since the olden days roughly six years ago and helped pioneer this canon, when Sector was void and a niche band of today’s veterans. From the initial first contact RPs to the behemoths like the Legate’s Tower, I’ve enjoyed writing about the Stoinian people in any way they come. Be they Sinclair, Chekov, or those hardened ODSTs on Reach. I can only confirm that their zeal & grit will persevere in my other works of writing.

However, IRL ambitions and time have left me too thinly spread to continue RPing as it has felt more like a burden. I believe IRL constraints have become quite visible in my unsuccessful mandate as Minister of Roleplay which I hope will have a brighter future. I will not finish any ongoing stories of mine as a result of my departure.

So unless there’s an overwhelming support to make the SSK a permanent A1-0 nation, effectively making it another NPN, I refer to this reply’s original post as to what the procedure will be. If, however, the community wishes to keep the SSK around, I’ll outline its fate albeit greatly reduced from its original plans.

I hope the Stoinian Star Kingdom has proven itself worthy of its name.
Sit nomine digna!

Lament of Maverick
Grown past the endless tides of the Ocean,
Garbled by life’s ongoing commotion,
Greater desires now call me away.
Glamour will beseech the King’s return,
Gathering around the gilded beret.
No longer adorned like in my prime,
Gone are my tales through the echoes of time.


Good luck in your future endeavors. You’ve been an inspiration, and overall a really cool person. If you ever write those books, be sure to tell us!


It’s sad to see you go, Mav. You were truly one of the best rpers in the community. I understand if you want to put it all behind you, but I would hope that while you may be leaving roleplay, you stay with the TSPRP community to talk about your other writing projects (I know you may not have time for other writing as of now, but it would be a shame to not be updated on your novel- I liked what I saw in the draft you sent me.) Whatever your plans, I wish you the best and hope our digital paths cross again.


Words cannot describe how much of an Influence you’ve had on both me as an Rp’er, in both canons, but also other Rp’ers from all three. As much as I want you to stay, its your decision and always will be.



Hey Mav,

Despite not knowing you too well during my stay during this canon, it was a pleasure knowing you, and wish you the best of luck on any future endeavors.

A. SF10


Despite being fairly new in here and being influenced mostly by some of the newer RPers, I know you had a tremendous impact on the community. I will make sure to read through your RPs and learn something from them.


It’s sad to see you go Maverick, especially considering how important you were to this community. I know we have had our differences but, believe it or not, you still continue to be an enormous source of inspiration for me. I wish you good luck with your novels (which I’ll be sure to read as soon as they come out) and good luck with everything else!


A1-0 is mourning the death of it’s father

We will miss you mav, you brought us so much and built this rp up, doubt it would exist if there wasn’t for you. Good luck in your endeavors, hope you succeed! Make sure to inform me when your novel is finished, I’d love to give it a read and buy a physical copy if you will print it!

When it comes to Stoinia i do believe it should be made a permanent nation. It has so much lore on it and so many things and people are tied to it that removing it would be very much hard. Keeping it to keep the lore and ties intact as well as a monument to you is the best option in my opinion.

Godspeed Maverick, good luck in your endeavors!


The truest, most righteous of the Sons of Terra had left, leaving a lion-shaped hole in all our hearts.

I’m glad to have been able to RP something with you Mav, I’m glad to have partook in our little endeavors with Lion-to-Lion and the Pan-Terran League, I’m glad to have been able to raise the red-and-gold banner next to the Weissersteiner Reichsbanner. It has been an honor to have RP’ed with someone like you, someone who had left a lion-shaped mark in all our hearts. We’ll miss you dearly.

Farewell, my Liege. Good luck to your future endeavors and safe travels.

Perhaps one day, fate shall reunite the two lions once again, and this time, we shall stare into the Dark Void alongside each other. Godspeed.


Number of desired plot: 25
Capital: Anhacū
Location of capital: green dot on map

this is all i’ve got for now. will come up with more later


I think this spot is taken, the map just hasn’t been updated yet

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Yeah, but the guy who has it hasn’t been on the forums for a month

It’s gonna get removed in the next update, so Doge might as well claim it now

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Hello, gods of the map
Could my nation’s color be changed from pink to light green pretty please?


On it Mila! ^^


As somebody has already done it…
Hey, higher beings of the map
Could you change my color to dark grey?


It is so.


Thank you for all stories, lore and your service as map manager!