Map of Sector A1-0

Whoops, rimwards


It is so. (Added)


Quite a while ago I fell into inactivity on A1-0 (and sorry to those who I never went through with our planned RPs), and I should have informed you all on the inactivity. On NS and for a lot of things I go through cycles of activity where I’m active and then I don’t touch it for a while. I’ve been through this cycle before in A1-0, a bit after the move to these forums from the old I asked to be removed from the map, and then a while later I rejoined. I’m not going to be active on A1-0 for a while, I don’t know when I return, it could be months or years. Until I do return to activity you can remove the Akropii Republic from the map if you feel that’s necessary.


Hey don’t remember when I asked, can I get the L-GAW names changed?

Top one Spinwards and bottom one antispinwards



So yeah, as the title suggest, me and @Vrigny will be sharing plot 18 (Galactya) now!

Well, share may not be the most appropriate word here: I’ll still be the main owner of the plot, and Vrigny will just be in charge of a big Subpolity within the Galactyan Empire. But still, as far as I’m concerned, we’re sharing plot 18. ^w^

Technically speaking there wouldn’t be much need for me to do this since I’m already a map manager. However, I thought it would still be best to at least make a request just like everyone else would. You know, making things a bit more official and respecting the community.

It may be a bit different in format compared to the others, but you can all just consider this Vrigny’s special plot request. And yeah, that’s all! :3

Just to make sure @Qwert , tell me what you think.


I see no issues with this arrangement :+1:



Thanks for letting me knowwww :3


Thank you, Qwert!


Greetings everyone.

As a couple of you may already know, I have recently decided that I will be leaving Sector A1-0 as a member, for an indeterminate amount of time. Considering that Galactya is far too important to the Sector’s past, current and future lore to be retconned or made disappear, ownership of my plot will be passed down to Mila. There will be no changes to planned roleplays and events such as the Enver War, or the creation of the COE. This also includes the Galactyan plot recently being shared with Vrigny.

Despite ceasing to be a member, I will still be one of A1-0’s map managers, and will remain as active as before. Furthermore, you will all still be able to ask me questions and/or advice about Galactya and the COE on Discord and on the Forums.

Thank you all for welcoming me here. A1-0 had a great influence on my life, but time has come for me to move on. I wish you all the best, and maybe I’ll come back one day.

Be sure to have fun!