Maluhia for Minister of Foreign Affairs

Maluhia for Minister of Foreign Affairs for the South Pacific

Hi there! I’m Maluhia, your current Minister of Culture. I have a few things to say before we get down into my vision for the South Pacific. They are as follows:

Though my time in feeders have been relatively short, I must say, I have never experienced a region like TSP. When I first re-joined the region, people welcomed me with open-arms and compassionate voices. That’s what attracted me to stay.

I’ve served as the Delegate of Port Elizabeth, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Port Elizabeth, the Minister of Engagement of the Democratic New States, and the Minister of State of The States of Democratic Progress.

However, after leaving the office of the Delegate in Port Elizabeth, I decided to embark on new endeavors. I made a quick pit-stop in The North Pacific, however, I didn’t stay for too long. Then, I joined TSP and I haven’t looked back ever since! Shortly after joining TSP, I became a Legislator and ran for Minister of Engagement. Though I lost, I am still grateful to have had that opportunity as it has helped me in multiple ways! Then, in the Minister of Culture Special Election, I won, and have since served as the Ministry of Culture’s chief.

Now, along with serving as the MoC, I am the Ambassador to Lazarus.

Here’s my vision for TSP:

Foreign relations are pretty important. It’s important their kept, maintained, and discussed about! I know foreign affairs pretty well. As previously stated, I served in many foreign relation chief capacities in smaller, UCR regions. I want to take my experience as a foreign affairs officer in Port Elizabeth and The States of Democratic Progress and apply it to the South Pacific. I will:

  • Work with our close allies, and reach out to make new ones
  • Help craft treaties between us and other regions
  • Be a vocal leader for TSP on the world stage
  • Use the currently-used Ambassador system to have liaisons to allied regions
  • Work with other members of the TSP government for cooperation and new perspectives
  • Write the monthly Foreign Report and have Ambassadors send it out to their assigned regions

After a short-lived PM campaign, I’ve found a desire for foreign affairs (recently).

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

conflicts of interest statement

I cannot confirm if this list is fully correct as I have multiple alts I have lost track of. Reasons vary, though some include, forgetting password (if not supplied email), or simply forgetting about them.


this is a list of regions where I have alts.

I have around 30 alt nations, though I only periodically check around 10. Others I have lost track of.


I have been in:

That’s a bit of a vague statement. There are arguments to be made that being “vocal” in certain ways on the world stage usually means more bad than good. What kind of vocality would you wish to perform?

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Indeed it is vague!

When there are events like N-Day, or other stuff like that, I’d be the representative (along with the PM) from TSP. I want to speak for the region!

Right. The question more meant when the situation arose to be the voice for the region, in what way would you be representing the region? How are you planning on being vocal? What does your voice sound like (metaphorically)?

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Who in particular do you think would make good allies for the South Pacific that we do not already have treaties with?

This is part of the job description.

This is especially part of the job description, and one I am not even slightly convinced you are well-equipped to handle.

Benefit of the doubt, but saying “certain, allied regions” implies excluding some of our allies and that is an especially bad idea.

A part of the job description.

Now this is a legitimate interesting idea, primarily since the South Pacific does not really have a media outlet in common use. Do you see this as being a personal project on your behalf or something the wider Ministry would partake in?

In your original Prime Minister campaign, as best I can tell, you simply stated (without further elaboration), “The upkeep of foreign affairs in TSP is vital. I will work with other regions to strengthen our relations.”

Given that you yourself note in your campaign that you only recently found a desire for foreign affairs, are you confident that interest will persist across a full Cabinet term?

I’ve noticed you haven’t made any reference to R/D alignment in your campaign. Do you believe it to be an important factor in the foreign policy landscape? If so, how so? How do you plan to navigate it? Was it not important enough to merit inclusion in your campaign? If not, why not?

I can’t seem to find any posts from you in previous debates and discussions on proposed treaties, so I wanted to ask you in particular about your views on our three most recent treaties (and also the ones you voted or abstained on). What are your views on the Aegis Accords, the Fellowship of Llamas and Eagles, and the Pact of Orohena?


I think it really would just come up as we go along.

I think this also depends. Perhaps, if someone is interested, they are totally welcome to assist in the writing process! Now, if no one is, I’m just as happy making it myself.

Yes, I am.

Though I may not have been active in TSP then (most likely for IRL issues), I still was a vocal supporter (in my mind) of those treaties. We’ve attempted to do some work with the an event around the Aegis Accords, however, we haven’t gotten much out of that. I’ll still be seeing what we can do surrounding that.

I think all the treaties were important, and even though I didn’t comment on them, I still showed my support when they came to vote.

Well, I’ll represent what the regions wants (if reasonable, of course). Whatever that is in said situation. I don’t want to be loud where it gets to a point to be somewhat annoying, but just at the right tempo so I can be a advocate for TSP.

You, uh, abstained on the Pact of Orehana?

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I was supportive but had an alt there at the time.

How will you deal with Z-day, because I believe that is dealt with by the MoFa, and it is approaching soon?
How will it be dealt with?

It is not. That would fall under the Ministry of Culture, if anything.


MoC does most of it. Opposite for N-Day.

Why would the MoFA have anything to do with Z-Day?

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I got confused between N-Day and Z-Day. My bad— I apologize.

No rush, but quickly bumping this just in case it was overlooked :slight_smile:

That still sounds a bit vague. Are you planning to stop and poll the region to see what it wants at every stage? And beyond that, what is your own view on what foreign policy best serves our region’s interests?

While I appreciate the sentiment to represent the region’s wants, it would be helpful if you provided some concrete policies with more specificity than just ‘working with allies and making new ones.’

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Sorry, I forgot Humansanity was the previous MoC

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In fact, HS is the MoFA. I am the/previous MoC :stuck_out_tongue:

Firstly, my apologies. I have been in and out of Yom Kippur services and events today that I have had barely any time to to write something up. I apologize for that!

Also, here, I’m sorry. Overlooked, I accidentally skipped this one! My bad. Anyways:

R/D is important to my campaign. In fact I do believe it is an important factor to the general landscape of the whole “foreign affairs industry.” And it for sure met the quintessential “standards” for my campaign, however, it’s not (as of now) in the OP priority list (adding that ASAP :stuck_out_tongue:).

Sure. In fact it is vague.

However, to answer the question, I’m not going to go out of my way to see what the region wants through a poll. I’ll be consulting with some of our MoFA advisors, potentially other Ambassadors (from TSP), and the Cabinet to help us reach a consensus with other regions.

My view really can vary and change. It really depends on the exact situation.

FYI, I’m touching up the priority list ASAP.