Maluhia for Minister of Engagement

Maluhia for Minister of Engagement

Hi all! If you don’t know me, I’m Maluhia, a Legislator and your former Minister of Culture. My main nation in the South Pacific is the Lile Ulie Islands.

Hence the title of this thread, I’m running to be your Minister of Engagement. In fact, the MoE was the first ministry I joined in the South Pacific. I’ve always seen it to be super interesting and helpful to the region. However, despite this, the body could use some reform, especially with the ongoing Great Council.

I don’t want to take up too much of your time so I am trying to be quick on my main priorities for the ministry!

Recognition of the Great Council.
As you probably know, a constitutional convention, the Great Council, is currently going on in the South Pacific. There are many ideas we can gather from the convention, and the possibility of moving some of MoE’s responsibilities to the Ministry of Culture. This includes sending the wiki and card projects into the hands of MoC. The MoE handles plenty of regional infrastructure, but those two projects can have a lot to do with MoC.

Let’s talk about actual engagement.
Even though the ministry itself is called the “Ministry of Engagement,” it lacks a lot of actual engagement on Discord. Firstly, if you’re interested in the ministry you should for sure join, but also get involved! Together I think we can brainstorm solutions for involvement in the region. The ministry can help by maybe setting up a gameside poll, or sending a Google Form to residents asking about Discord and the forums. Basically, we’re here to help in any way, and the ministry will work with others.

Welcoming standard.
When I first joined the regional Discord server, I was greeted by Purple Hyacinth via direct messaging. I actually really appreciated that message. It was short and concise and gave me the information I needed to know about what stuff to do when I join the server, and how to enhance on that. I’m not entirely sure if we are still running welcoming operations (mainly because I haven’t joined the Discord recently), but if we aren’t I’d like to get that running again. And if we currently are, then let’s keep it that way!

Conflicts of Interest
I have “Ulie Lile Islands,” a nation, which currently resides here in TSP. I also have “Pagai” in the region of Langston. Makeni and a few other alts in Port Elizabeth, “Lanai” in Spiritus, and a few nations I have for sure lost track of. Recently I have Lile Ulie 1 and Lile Ulie 2 in the region of DefCard, which I created.

Have any questions? I’ll try to respond asap.


What will you do as minister of engagement, just a reminder that wording is very important as well as clear campaign goals.

I will work with others to:

  • Brainstorm and develop solutions for literal engagement in the Ministry (and in other governmental bodies)
  • Continue/re-start the welcoming program on Discord so we can help our newest friends out!
  • Although I believe the wiki and card projects belong under the hands of the MoC, in the time that they are under Engagement, I will work to enhance them. I know there has been a lot of activity in #moe-card-project (mainly by Vietnam and progiraffe), so I’ll work with them surrounding trading cards. And for the wiki, at least for the political side of the wiki, I know that Pronoun does a lot of work in administering that (I believe, correct me if I am wrong). I’d like to talk to them, Qwert, and BlockBuster (or gianni) about maintaining the wiki and future actions!

Out of curiosity, if you don’t think these are issues that need to be under Engagement then why don’t you just cut them loose?

Cut them loose…to the MoC? Even though I don’t believe they should be under MoE’s jurisdiction, they are still things under the Minister of Engagement’s job. They should not be completely disregarded in MoE, but it’s just that they can fit somewhere else in a better capacity.

Says who, though? Why would you conclude that “they are still things under the Minister of Engagement’s job”?

Sure. I guess I could mainly disregard them. However, there is especially a lot of activity in #moe-card-project so I do want to continue that. Plus, #moe-card-project and #moe-wiki-project are MoE channels on Discord.

It just seems to me that you’re falling for the trap of several ministers since the time of MoRA, of doing projects because they have to without actually considering if they really want to or if they offer a tangible and cost-effective benefit to the region.

If the Ministry of Engagement is abolished, what programs would you support being included into Culture’s umbrella, if any, split off into a separate office or organization, or gotten rid of altogether?

Good question. As I mentioned in the original post, I think everything around trading cards and the wiki project should be moved to Culture. Some of the more “tech” stuff should probably just go into the hands of the administration team. I guess I could see the recruiting, integration, and welcoming being made into its own office. Or maybe not. Maybe also moved to Culture. And for the graphics part, I’m a little stuck on this. I guess Culture? Maybe part of a smushed-together office of random things. I’m not certain. In fact, I’d probably like to hear the perspective of others.

Or I could see the possibility of graphics just going into the hands of anyone interested.

It’s one thing to be running a Ministry and seeking input on how to do something in particular. It’s another thing to run for an elected position and have a campaign with a not-insignificant number of “maybes” depending on the wind. What is your specific vision for the Ministry’s projects if it gets dissolved?

I was saying that I’d like to hear what others think about where we redirect MoE projects to. However, I stand by my what I wrote about where things would hypothetically go.

The only thing I’m still debating on on my mind is where the actual engagement is placed. I’d like to potentially see an Office of Engagement (Director is appointed by the Prime Minister) which handles recruitment, integration, welcoming standards, and regional engagement itself.

The wiki project and card project will be moved into the hands of the Ministry of Culture. I guess you could see them in the realm of “cultural things.” They’d be handled by how the Minister of Culture wants to do so.

For graphics, I feel as if whoever is interested in this can take the lead on it. Personally, I don’t think that we need a whole governmental body dealing with it.

And then a lot of the dispatch writing and such could be in the hands of the admin team.


Yeah. You know, you’re probably right. When writing this, I was contemplating on where to put this dispatch part. I’m not sure if Culture is the right place for it either. I’d maybe like to see it be its own thing, or part of that cornabus engagement office.

Perhaps we don’t need such a complex dispatch system. We should consider who’s the intended audience, which the way I see it is newcomers who may be looking into what to do within the region. If that’s our premise, dispatches should be straightforward and easy to read, so that the reader can easily find information about the various options available to them.

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In fact, I totally agree. I think this is a great point. When I started to get involved in regional politics, it took me a while to find the Charter dispatch. A lot of, lot of clicks to find it. This is just one example though.

If elected Minister, I’d definitely explore making changes to the current model of the dispatch system.

This is just a suggestion, but why not one centralised dispatch, with all of the links to other dispatches in it and call it something like ‘TSP official dispatch library’ or something else.

I guess that could happen however I feel as if one master dispatch with links can be hard to navigate. We might want to have three master ones, with probably some separation system going along with it.

This is an interesting election. Friction between the presented campaigns and replies seems to have an interesting topic attached to it.
I see it as the (as the time of writing) two candidates having a different underlying approach to cabinet offices. On one side, Griffindor is suggesting that offices are more efficient when specific tasks are not an obligation - they are different methods of achieving a goal (in this instance, outreach/engagement). Here, I sense that you have an almost inverted vision of efficient cabinet offices, where specific areas take precedence
in hopes of achieving the goal.
Personally, I prefer Griffindors approach of ‘self-regulating tasks’ as in - if a group of players are interested in a project, they will signal it to the officer. The reason why I prefer it is because that approach does not mandate “precedents” even implicitly. It’s a more dynamic perspective; during different intervals, different players will be interested in different projects. As such, having a broad approach is more favorable (especially in the case of engagement) as it gives “freedom” to align itself better with what is desired.

Seeing these unspoken themes appear in MoC and MoE is why they’re the two cabinets which actually managed to garner my interest over time. This is a subjective category, though I’m still leaving it in because it’s what I’d personally like to see more of in the cabinet as a whole.

We have one NationStates | Dispatch | Index to every dispatch about the South Pacific

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