Maluhia for Minister of Culture

Maluhia for Minister of Culture :moc: :moc: :moc:

Hi everyone! I’m back, yet again, to run for office here in the South Pacific. I’m so glad to be part of this region–NationStates’ oldest democracy–which has given me endless opportunities. I’m proud to represent this region, and also happy to be a part of the Ministry of Culture.

As some of you might happen to know, from around August to October of last year I served as your Minister of Culture. I think there are a lot of things that I have learned from my term that will help me if I reach office. Looking back, I’m not extremely happy with my term but for this one I have new and fresh ideas for not only the ministry but for leadership and governing as a whole.

So, without further ado, here’s my platform:

Creating an official culture calendar
I was thinking about this recently. I want to create a calendar for every month filled with days of just: random stuff. On this calendar we can not only have events like Garctic Phone games or Skribbl and Tetris ones too, but also like days dedicated to weird and wacky, but fun things. We could have contests regarding these and create fun awards and badges. Other things like live movie streams, could be included on this calendar too.

I haven’t done the real math yet but I do believe that this Cabinet term cuts into June which is pride month. In my opinion, TSPride is a very important regional celebration. I’d like to discuss with some ministry staff about future plans about what exactly we’ll plan for but I already have a few interviews, contests, and other cool things in mind!

I haven’t been as active in Pacifica and our other canons in recent days as I would have liked to be. However, if elected, I’d like to talk with Gianni, Qwert, and other leaders in the roleplay community to talk about any needed help from the ministry. I think roleplay is a unique part of our community and deserves the assistance and attention of the Ministry of Culture.

I always think that cooperation is a very central part of any campaign. I pledge to cooperate with my fellow Cabinet ministers, government officials, the Assembly and its Legislators, and each and every citizen of the South Pacific. If elected, I can’t wait to work with my fellow staffers in the Ministry of Culture and create a productive term in office.

Lastly, I’d like to praise the work of ProfessorHenn during this past term. It’s been admirable with fun passion projects, movie streams, and other cool discussions in Discord.

Conflicts of Interest
Here’s a dispatch with some information but I’ll put something here:

At the time of writing, I am a Legislator of the Assembly of the South Pacific, a former Minister of Culture, a citizen of both Europeia and Spiritus with some residency involvement in Gay. I have served as the Delegate of Port Elizabeth and as a Minister there too. I am the Founder, former Prime Minister, and member of the Regional Security of Langston. Additionally, I have many puppet accounts in the jump point region of Artificial Solar System for SPSF purposes.

Questions and comments are encouraged, as is standard.

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How do you see the role of the Minister of Culture in the region? What should be their role in regional life?

Sorry for the miscommunication. Thanks!

As directly defined in the Charter, the Minister of Culture deals with the organization of cultural events, activities, exchanges, and works to support and assist the roleplay community. That’s around the exact definition. I see it as a Cabinet position which deals with the creation, planning, and execution of cultural activities for the South Pacific itself and sometimes shared events with other regions. The Ministry also works with the roleplay community in any way needed.

In regards to regional life, since the ministry plans events for citizens to enjoy, I believe the Minister of Culture should embody the strong cultural “things” this region has (SPIT etc…). But again, the position should work with ministry staff to create enjoyable events for all citizens to have fun in.

Your campaign talks a lot about how you’ll accomplish events in cooperation with Ministry staff or using input/insights from Ministry staff. That’s fine, but Ministry staffs aren’t the most active, and in my experience are often where good motivation and energy for a task goes to die.

What events will you personally step up to the plate to run?

If you are going to take Ministry staff input or help on an event, how will you decide when to go it alone (or with just 1-2 staffers) on the event instead of letting a never ending “hey does anyone else have more input” process derail the Ministry?

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You are correct. The ministry staff aren’t too active as of right now. If elected my first priority would be to conduct a “poll purge”. This is to see who is actually interested in getting involved in the ministry and who wants to leave it.

After that, I’ll know who wants to stay — and who wants to work on projects here.

I have to say, ProfessorHenn’s model of passion projects is definitely one that I agree with and I think it is one that is well thought out. Basically, the Minister works around some of the interregional events while other staffers can run their own passion projects (with the help of the Minister). An example of a passion project was Legend’s animal one or Canadian Dominion’s NS forum roleplay cup.

For me, I would probably “step up to the plate” when we’re planning a larger event with other allied regions.

And regarding input — I think that input should come freely from staff. There should not be any designated time for everyone to relay their thoughts. Someone can do it whenever — and we won’t stop and re-do something or re-create it, we’ll just use the feedback for our next steps.