Lost Trianarö History: The Civil War

33rd of Xenimato, 523 BBT, Peace Treaty with Sycriûn

Garrard Alerzö, 24th Emperor of the Ikaranarean Empire, walked around the meeting room. The Sycriûn Question was to be answered soon. In a few minutes, people filed in- top military advisors, diplomats, experts on the economy. He nodded to the head diplomat, Akala Kamerö. “Ms. Kamerö, to begin this meeting, I ask a simple question- What are the Xantstal Empire’s terms?”

She had a pleased look on her face, “None, sir. They have issued a complete and unconditional surrender.”

Small cheers rang through the room along with sighs of relief. But the Sycriûn terms weren’t the hardest part- what to do with them was harder.

The Relations Minister, Peran Maknad, spoke. “That certainly makes our job easier but the fact remains that we need to decide what happens to the Xanstals after the peace is made official. The way I see it, we have a few options. We can go with a white peace- Like our first war with the Kruxkii- which won’t be popular with the Kanareö kingdoms or the Hemmerhaldians, we can annex their territory, which may agitate the Sycriûn already in our borders, or we can go with the Kanareö plan to annex a part of their territory and joint occupy the rest to prevent them from going warmongering again. I think we can all agree that option 1 is unacceptable to us or our allies.”

Nods and murmurs of agreement.

Garrad, however, was concerned. “Are you sure that we have the clout to annex the Xanstals at all? Our allies would be concerned about such a development, after we just fought a war of anti-imperialism.”

The head diplomat spoke. “The Sûtrans would be concerned maybe, but they are a close ally and not one to question Ikaranara after the annexation of Mannaö. For the Hemmerhaldians, they would do the same thing- it’s unlikely they’d care at all.”

Garrard looked to the War Minister- his brother, Garovûr Alerzö.

“Commander Garovûr, is it likely that in the event of a full annexation we could hold all of the territory?”

His brother nodded. “If we don’t lay off too many soldiers from the war, we can hold their territory quite easily. They have few starcraft capable of fighting us left- and thanks to your technological upgrades program, it would be easy to deploy Planetary forces on any sectors giving us trouble.”

Garrard nodded. “I see. Are there any benefits to a downright annexation?”

The Relations Minister spoke again. “If we can get past the initial pushback from the Sycriûn in Kruxkil and Sycruko, we will gain a significant population that will be necessary to rebuild our economy after the war as we re-industrialize and demilitarize. The resources from the Xanstals’ territory will also allow us to reach our eventual goal of outproducing Hemmerhaldia in the next 50 years rather than in 75. A strong Empire will encourage stability in the region and we always need to be prepared for attacks from theoretical outsiders.”

Garovûr cut in. “With all due respect, brother, total annexation is the only way to achieve lasting stability. A joint occupation with the Sûtrans and Hemmerhaldians is only going to give the Xanstals more wiggle room to form resistance and make greater competition between us and Hemmerhaldia. We need to show both of them that Ikaranara is the true power of the region and that we will not tolerate weak moves. This is retribution not only for our losses, but theirs too. 3 trillion lives, and only a third of that were combatants! Entire systems wiped out. We need to show what happens when losses that great are brought upon us- that we will not tolerate it.”

Garrard sighed. He still didn’t know if he agreed with the idea, but it seemed like his ministers were mostly in agreement.

“As you all advise. We will tell it to the Sycriûn and our allies- The Xanstal Empire is no more, The Empire has grown.”

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Later that day

Garrard had given a speech today on Ikarn, his home planet in the Ikaranarean Cluster, the De-facto capital system of the planet around the Star Centrus. A megaproject had been started before the war on a system to provide easier interplanetary travel between the planets- it was quite expensive to order a craft, and could take hours depending on which one you ordered. The construction project also doubled as an incredibly powerful planetary shield and defense system around the Ikaranarean cluster for defense purposes. There was also plans for an expansion of the S-chip program that put chips on all ships, letting them identify each other more easily and make it significantly easier to catch pirates with illegal ships- that program would be integrated with a detailed map of the Star Empire’s territories, allowing civilian ships to hyperjump to “Waypoints” within the nation, increasing the possibility of travel between their vast territory. With overseeing the annexation of the Xanstals as well, there was much to do. He was at least glad that these developments were no war. As he retreated to the Imperial Palace on Ikarn to wait out until his next meeting, his brother met him in the hallway.

“Garovûr, how are you?”
He nodded. “Good, brother. I’ll be transferring to the forward base on Kûl-Vagrö tomorrow. Our victory in the conflict with the Xanstals is relieving- its hard to believe that Sycriûn, the lower creatures they are, would be capable of dealing out so much destruction. Still, it was obvious when you rose to the throne after the late Emperor Xaxeö that the war would be won.”

Garrard frowned. The way his brother was talking was indicative of a strange ideology that had been rapidly permeating through Ikaranareans everywhere- the belief of Ikaranarean supremacy, specifically that Ikaranareans were derived from gods or something inane like that; which made no sense. Ikaranareans were Terrans, albeit Terrans who had evolved slightly with different eye colors and to live on the Ikaranarean Cluster with 30-hour days. He had known that his brother had subscribed to such an idea for a while, but it still troubled him. He felt as if it could lead the Empire down a dangerous path.

“It was up to the skill of our generals and brave soldiers, as well as our economists and diplomats that truly saved the war effort. All I provided was a guiding hand.”

His brother nodded. “And that ‘guiding hand’ of yours saved the entire Empire, and the Sûtrans and Hemmerhaldians too- ungrateful as they might be. Don’t be so modest, brother, especially when the guiding hands of the Gods were with you.”

Garrard wanted to make a comment but didn’t want to get into an argument with not only the Commander of the Armed Forces, but his brother. He simply nodded in thanks.

The meeting was boring. They discussed mainly the economics of the megaproject and the S-chip Expansion Program, as well as integrating the new territories into the Empire. He put in orders to partially demobilize the military, letting most of the conscripts go home with financial compensation. He hoped that production would keep up so that they didn’t end up going into debt when full demobilization was enacted. After the meeting it was Hour 28, ending the day of work for him. He went to his quarters where his wife was waiting for him- her day had ended just a bit earlier. She was a tall woman, only a couple inches shorter than Garrard, who was 6’2. She was built slenderly, but her looks were deceiving- she was an extremely physically fit woman, as befit a fellow Ikarnian. She was a little bit darker than him in complexion, but her eyes were much brighter, and while she was fit and stern when she needed to be, she was very fun to talk to and very intellectual. Garovûr teased him when they first started dating, long before the war and the complications that came with it. “It befits you, brother, to court the one person in perhaps the entire Cluster who is just as accomplished as you. I suppose you can’t resist the challenge.” Of course, it was not for pragmatic reasons that he had pursued her, but nobody could lie that they were a very powerful and accomplished duo, even before their ascension to Emperor and Empress. Still, their power wasn’t what he was concerned with then or now; he was stressed. The war had dragged on for 10 years during his reign, with no breaks or calmed fronts. Even now, that the war was over and the Xanstals were now just a mere province, he couldn’t help but be on edge, as if something was going to go terribly wrong.

Irasta rubbed his shoulders. He appreciated the comfort, but she looked stressed too. The war had aged them both, mentally and visually. She asked him “Garrard, how was the meeting?” He responded. “It was certainly a meeting.” They sat in silence for a moment. Garrard sighed. La sairam, I can’t help but fear that the Empire is heading down a dangerous path. The radicality I see sometimes, even in my own family… it’s becoming too much." He sighed again. Irasta pulled him into a hug. “I fear, too. But I hope our fears aren’t founded in reality.” They sat there for a long time, the stress of leadership weighing down on them.

And it appears Hope was not with them, because their worst nightmares were destined to come true.

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15th of Farûvö, 523 BBT, 18 days later
Garrard was dumbfounded. In all of his career, during the entire duration of the war, he had never had one of his ministers be this wrong- mistakes happened, but this was perhaps the worst mistake that could happen right after the war.

Both Hemmerhaldia and Sûtra had denounced the Ikaranarean Star Empire.

This was terrible for relations, obviously, but what was worse was that following the Sûtran denouncement, they had lined battleships across the border, an obvious provocation. The military had not taken well to this at all. While a Sûtran invasion was unlikely to actually be successful, it was feared that Sûtra was going to sign a military alliance with Hemmerhaldia, and the combined forces of both would be enough to give the weakened Imperial Military a run for its money. It was just like the Hemmerhaldians to start planning for war right after peace. Their entire nation seemed to be devoted to expansion.

All of that was hard enough to deal with, but then he got this morning’s briefing.

The Military, led by his own brother, without so much as notifying him or any other members of government, had launched an invasion of Sûtra. Hemmerhaldia had not yet declared war, but had denounced this action further and cut off all ties with Ikaranara. He had been given reports that the military was indeed making a rapid advance, but considering the lack of planning this situation had been given, it was only a matter of time before they made this mistake. And this would inevitably waste precious resources needed to stimulate the economy and for the successful occupation of the Xanstals. What’s more, the military acting without orders from the government set a dangerous precedent that could end up destroying the nation in the long run. Garrard was absolutely dumbfounded…

And things would only get worse.

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