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The Loque Institute of Strategic Studies (LISS), based in Loque, Esfalsa, created and regularly updates the Global Index, a compendium of information about nations from across Pacifica. The Global Index, since its inception, has been a free public resource for scholars, policymakers, and citizens alike.

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[OOC]   How do I include my nation's data and/or fix "data error" messages?

The information linked in this thread is pulled from the National Survey. In order for your nation’s data to be recorded in a machine-readable format, please take special care to follow the guidelines listed below.

  • Do not modify the template provided in the national survey thread, even if the output looks the same.
  • Multiple nations in a single post are not supported. Please make a separate post for each one.
  • Write out numbers in full.
    • Do this: $1,208,174,117,040
    • Don’t do this: $1.2 trillion
  • Use periods, not commas, as a decimal separator. Commas are acceptable as a delimiter to separate groups of digits; spaces are not.
    • Do this: $1,208,174,117,040
    • Or do this: $1208174117040
    • Don’t do this: $
    • Don’t do this either: $1 208 174 117 040
  • Keep units if they are included in the template, and omit them otherwise.
  • For numerical answers, do not add additional notes. Doing so will prevent your answers from being parsed as a number, which is needed if you would like your nation to be included in ranking calculations.
  • Keep labels and answers on the same line. Do not separate them onto multiple lines, and do not insert formatting such as lists or paragraph breaks in your answers.
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[b]Full name of nation:[/b] [size=large]Esfalsa[/size]

[details="Click to view"]
![Flag of Esfalsa](upload://2Xe7ZrdDQ4efq0IvpmhoPkBxQJs.png)
[b]Year of formation:[/b] 1043 (current constitution 1858)
[b]Population:[/b] 18,793,005 inhabitants
[b]Birthright citizenship:[/b] [Restrictive birthright]
[b]Official languages:[/b] Austral
[b]Power structure:[/b] [Unitary state]
[b]Source of power:[/b] [Democracy]
[b]Main political ideology of head of government:[/b] [Liberal]
[b]Name of currency:[/b] Fallor

[b]Military spending:[/b] 2.3% of GDP
[b]Military conscription:[/b] [No]
[b]Possession of nuclear weapons:[/b] [Secret]
[b]Possession of biological weapons:[/b] [No]
[b]Possession of chemical weapons:[/b] [Secret]

[b]Hate speech:[/b] [Illegal]
[b]Life imprisonment:[/b] [Used]
[b]Torture:[/b] [Illegal]
[b]Capital punishment:[/b] [Illegal]

[b]Same-sex marriage:[/b] [Legal]
[b]Prostitution:[/b] [Legal and regulated]
[b][url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lane_splitting]Lane splitting/filtering[/url]:[/b] [Illegal]
[b]Right to Internet access:[/b] [Yes]
[b]Drugs:[/b] [Certain substances legal for recreational use]

[b]Universal health care:[/b] [Yes]
[b]Vaccination policy:[/b] [Mandatory]
[b]Abortion:[/b] [Always legal] before the 29th week of pregnancy

[b]Main industries:[/b] Information technology, consumer electronics, agriculture
[b]Oil production:[/b] [Produces oil]
[b]Coal mining:[/b] [Mines coal]
[b]GDP (nominal):[/b] 1,208,174,117,040

[b]Life expectancy at birth:[/b] 81.8
[b]Mean years of schooling:[/b] 12.8
[b]Expected years of schooling:[/b] 16.1
[b]GNI per capita:[/b] 63,199

[b]Most popular sport:[/b] Football (soccer)
[b]Maximum speed limit:[/b] [125 km/h]
[b]Driving side:[/b] [Right]
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