Lifting Dust [0BBT]

0 BBT, Central Kalgyul Administration, Rruslyo, canyon near Glykyu base

“Hey, what are you doing Groydrus?”


Groydrus was too occupied in being hunch over a small cube on the table.

The hot wind of the desert was blowing through the many canals and veins of the surface, making a characteristic howling sound that traveled across the land for all the soldiers stationed there.

Rruslyo was an objectively useless asset for the administration, however, they never lost resources in throwing a few soldiers into the atmosphere to do low administration jobs and teaching the young recluits.

“You are still looking at that cube? I know they are aliens and all that, but I don’t think it gives itself for much thought.”

“You think it really works?”

“It’s alien technology, most probably. I actually wouldn’t have it out of your bag so long. What if a superior comes into the room and confiscates it for weird experiments? Boooooh.”

“Ah shut up, that doesn’t happen.”

“I was trying to lift your spirits. You know what will definitely make you feel better tho?”


“What is it?”

“Hover. Craft. Drift. Race.”

“No. Way. In this garbage ball in the middle of space?”

“Yeeeeep, so, apparently, they threw some spaceship parts on the planet for the soldiers to recycle and pull out whatever they can, and they have been doing some real weird stuff with it, yesterday I saw someone shoot a random rock to orbit.”


“Or really high, I dunno.”

“And why didn’t you call me to see it?!”

“I did, but you have been taking that cube too seriously lately! You are obsessed, you need to relax, have some fun!”

“Mhh… You are right.”

“I’m always right! Now come on!”

Groydrus put carefully the cube into his bag, and they both rushed out of the door towards the canyon close to the base, where the race would start.


After fending off some other soldiers to get to the front, they could see the hovercrafts at the bottom of the canyon with their respective pilots, before someone calls a name.

“Hey, Yusuy!”

“Sh*t, you scared me!”

"It’s not my problem you are faint of heart. Who’s your friend?

“Oh, right! Groydrus, this is Laulay, he is one of the engineers. Laulay, this is Groydrus, he is a friend that got abandoned in this planet,” he chuckles.

“Welcome to the club of the forgotten! I have heard lots of rumors from you, you were one of the few people that saw the aliens in person, right?”

“Yep, the same one.”

“Just know that whatever you saw in that ship is nowhere close to the technology you are going to see in this race!”

“Ha, yeah sure, that’s said in every race and in every race at least one person explodes.”

“But that ain’t gonna be my pilot! Look, there he is,” he replies, pointing down the canyon to one of the pilots in full gear and with a helmet, as they get ready to start the race.


“Gentlemen! Welcome to the first drift race of Rruslyo!” the starter yells for the public above.

“We will start shortly! Place your bets in the winner of this race! The winner is the first one to complete three laps around the designated route in this canyon! Let’s give a great welcome to the racers!”

As the starter says this, the viewers above start banging makeshift drums and sheets of metal, making the most amount of noise possible.

“Man, it’s been ages since I have been in one of these races!”



With the banging of the drums, the hovercrafts are turned on and start raising up from the ground, making a low hum that travels up out of the canyon.

“Ready! At the count of 4!” after saying this, the drumming stops.

“One!” one drum strike.

“Two!” another drum strike.

“Three!” the third follows the second.



The makeshift vehicles shoot off with the signal of the starter, lifting a cloud of dust in the start line from which they emerge.

The humming gets louder as the vehicles speed up in the first straight line, until they encounter the first turn.

Before smashing against a wall of rock, all five pilots do a hard turn to the right, drifting around the corner, and some climbing the cliff a bit when their vehicles’ turn rate doesn’t quite make the cut.

Laulay’s pilot takes advantage, overtaking the vehicle in front of him.

“Sh*t!” exclaims the now 4th position, kicking the gas to recover its place.


“Wow, your guy is good at this.”

“You said it! He was in need of some money, so I offered him a fraction of the money we make in bets if he wins the races.”

“So he has been in other races and I didn’t hear about him?”

“You have been away for a while from what I have heard buddy, and also, we have just done four races or so, but we are already becoming quite famous if I can say so myself.”

“The vehicle is great too.”

“Yep, these beginners have nothing to do against us.”

All participants make the first lap, however, Laulay’s pilot, who started fourth, is already second, and getting close to the first.


“Ugh…” the first position sighs in annoyance upon looking behind him.

The third position follows close behind the second one, and without warning, Laulay’s pilot turns hard left.

The third pilot’s vehicle crashes head on against a large rock in the path, doing multiple flat spins before coming to a stop against the canyon’s wall.

After the fourth position overtakes the debris, multiple soldiers get down to the canyon’s bottom to rescue the pilot from the wreckage.

“Holy shit!”

“I told you he’s good,” Laulay smirks.