Let's try this again, shall we? Re-Elect Griffindor for MoE

Hello again, everyone!

It seems like we were just here, so I am going to keep this brief.

Here is the campaign I ran on last month, and this is what I will run on again:

However, my main focus now is to prepare for the end of the GC. I am also preparing for a discussion on the dissolution of the MoE and will work with the MoC to coordinate that behind the scenes should we find merit to such a move. I will still work to implement my campaign goals, but this will also take a front seat into my tenure as Minister of Engagement.


-Current Roles/Positions
-Legislator 2/24/20-
-High Court Justice 6/7/20-
-South Pacific Coral Guard 11/17/20-

-Past Roles/Positions
-Legislator 7/3/16-4/10/18
-Minister of Engagement 6/17/22 -10/17/2022
-Secretary of State 4/3/20-2/24/21
-Chair of the APC 9/24/16-5/31/17
-Vice-Chair of the APC 6/1/17-4/10/18
-Local Council Member 7/1/17-11/17/17
-Citizen 5/2012-12/2014 and 2/26/16-7/3/2016

Does anyone have any questions?

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If MoE and MoC merge, would it be like it was before the split? What was it like before the split?

Shudders in MoRA

Goodness no!

Before the MoE, MoC, and MoM existed, it was under one roof; the MoRA.

The MoRA was the very definition of a bloated and uncontrollable monster. A minister was often elected based on the promise that they would get a whole bunch of stuff done only to actually focus on a small part of the mission of the ministry. The internal structure of the ministry didn’t work too well either, as the hierarchy that was established was very engrained and resistant to change and wanted to preserve the status quo (aka do nothing) than do lots of work. To be clear, that isn’t a bad thing (well, it kinda is), but the system created that mood.

The MoRA split was the work of numerous compromises, fights, hurt feelings, and several, several proposals. The result was the three ministries I named at the beginning. I think the biggest takeaway from the split was that where we once found ourselves with a bloated and uncontrollable monster, we found ourselves with ministries with not enough on their plates. On paper, all the ministries had a lot to do, but as has been revealed, inactivity is prevalent, particularly in the MoE, because everything is largely automated.

Abolishing MoM has not had a measurable impact on the region, and I do not think that reintegrating MoE and MoC would have a major impact either. The split showed us that not everything needs to go under the “executive umbrella” if it doesn’t have to do with the Assembly. We can, and should, spin all of these autonomous pet projects into their own program, perhaps with some dedicated discourse space or discord channels (I’ll let Glen decide that one :stuck_out_tongue: ).

At the end of the day, MoE would be left with the engagement of the new citizens, and MoC would be left with planning cultural events. Perhaps that is where we should stop, or perhaps the merge happens because they are similar enough already.

So, basically, if elected, I will look into the feasibility of such a move and work with the MoC to determine if such actions can be reasonably done.


To be fair, the idea of a unified “home ministry” wasn’t without merit. The issue, at least as I see it, was that everyone felt compelled to do everything that MoRA had been picking up over the years, regarding it as “must do” projects, rather than seeing them as a catalogue of possible projects from which they could pick and choose based on their feasibility and benefit to the region. Basically MoRA became bloated because people made it so, not because the very idea of MoRA was ill advised.

I concur. I guess I should preface that I did mean at the end of the MoRA when I was writing that.

If the Ministry of Engagement is abolished, what programs would you support being included into Culture’s umbrella, if any, split off into a separate office or organization, or gotten rid of altogether?

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Of the formally mandated charter requirements for the MoE, only engagement is truly important, which is what would be placed under culture.

The other programs (cards, wiki, etc.) are side projects and should be given to the control of anyone who wants to take charge of such a project. Nothing needs to be necessarily gotten rid of, unless no one wants to contribute to its existence.