Legend (New American Dictatorship and United Tribes of Moth)

Legend’s Citizenship Application

Question Answer
TSP Nation New American Dictatorship and United Tribes of Moth
Main Nation New American Dictatorship
WA Nation United Tribes of Moth
Discord aquariusblue899
Other Involvement
Legend Dan NAD
Other Regions:
I have two nations in other regions: LegalEagle - Spiritus IllegalEagle - 10000 Islands
No; I was banned by raiders during a liberation once, but never for rule breaking.

I pledge to uphold the laws of the Coalition of the South Pacific.

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Are you not already a Citizen?

Why is the SPSF application link broken???

This is the second time

Oh yeah that happened to me as well

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The SPSF will still receive it

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This application has been closed.

You’re already a citizen (and we try to keep a record of why we close applications).