Krauanagaz Federation Fact Sheet


Krauanagaz, born from the struggle against Austral occupation, is a nation shaped by ethnic tensions between Mitalldukish, Lupritali, and Krautali. The post-colonial period saw a tenuous unity during the Krauanagaz Alliance, formed to combat natural disasters.

Under the Krauanagaz Federation, industries like oil, tourism, energy, shipbuilding, mining, and fisheries drive the economy. The nation grapples with ethnic rivalries and delicate cultural nuances, navigating a path toward coexistence.

Crude oil, advanced energy tech, and ship products dominate exports, while the Universal Declaration of Recognized Rights strives to balance diverse cultural perspectives. As the nation progresses, it faces the challenge of sustaining unity amidst its complex history and diverse populace.

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Official languages:

Federation Standard, Austral, Lupritalic, Krautalic, and Mitallish

Some Help With Pronunciation

Common Affixes


  • Mitall: mi-yall
  • Velli: Bell-ee
  • Krau: Kr-rah-oo
  • Kev: Keyv
  • Lu: Lou
  • Sol: Sool
  • Zh: Zhuh
  • Vin: Veen
  • Ta: Tah


  • ayya: eye-uh
  • talla: tahllah
  • ana: on-uh
  • pri: per-ee
  • zoa: zo-uh
  • duk: dook
  • hir: ear


  • lith: leet
  • ari: are-ee
  • in: een
  • an: on
  • ra: rah
  • tal: tahl
  • vinse: bean-say
  • allai: all-eye-ee
  • gaz: gahz
  • morot: more-oh
  • igarzi: ee-gar-ee

IPA Phonetics


  • Mitall: /mi-jɑl/
  • Velli: /bɛl-i/
  • Krau: /krɑːu̯/
  • Kev: /keɪv/
  • Lu: /luː/
  • Sol: /suːl/
  • Zh: /ʒə/
  • Vin: /vin/
  • Ta: /tɑ/


  • ayya: /aɪə/
  • talla: /tɑlə/
  • ana: /ɑnə/
  • pri: /pɛri/
  • zoa: /zoʊə/
  • duk: /duk/
  • hir: /ɪr/


  • lith: /liθ/
  • ari: /æri/
  • in: /in/
  • an: /ɑn/
  • ra: /rɑ/
  • tal: /tɑl/
  • vinse: /binseɪ/
  • allai: /ælaɪi/
  • gaz: /ɡɑz/
  • morot: /mɔroʊ/
  • igarzi: /iːˈɡɑrzi/


Velliariza (VzS)


Main industries:
Oil drilling and refining, tourism, energy, commercial cargo and passenger shipbuilding, rare metals and ores, and fish products.

Top Exports of Krauanagaz:

  1. Crude Oil and Petroleum Products:
  • Krauanagaz’s oil drilling and refining industry makes crude oil and various petroleum products, including plastics and cosmetics, significant exports, given the nation’s abundant natural resources in this sector.
  1. Tourism Services:
  • With a focus on tourism, services such as travel packages, hospitality, and recreational activities contribute significantly to the national revenue.
  1. Shipbuilding Products:
  • Commercial cargo and passenger shipbuilding results in the export of various ship products, from components to fully constructed vessels.
  1. Rare Metals and Ores:
  • The state-owned mining industry’s focus on rare metals and ores leads to the export of these valuable resources to countries requiring such materials for manufacturing.
  1. Fish and Seafood Products:
  • Given Krauanagaz’s access to the sea, fish products, including various seafood items, are substantial exports to meet international demand.

Top Imports to Krauanagaz:

  1. Advanced Technology and Machinery:
  • To support and enhance its industries, Krauanagaz imports advanced technologies and machinery for oil drilling, refining, shipbuilding, and energy production.
  1. Tourism-Related Goods:
  • With a flourishing tourism sector, Krauanagaz imports goods related to hospitality, entertainment, and other tourism-related services.
  1. Manufactured Goods:
  • Imports of manufactured goods are necessary to meet domestic demand, especially in areas where the local industry is not as developed or cost-effective.
  1. Specialized Ship Components:
  • While Krauanagaz has a shipbuilding industry, it imports specialized components or technologies to enhance its shipbuilding capabilities.
  1. Technology and Expertise for Energy Sector:
  • Krauanagaz seeks to import technology and expertise in renewable energy solutions and other advancements in the energy sector to diversify its energy sources.
  1. Processed Foods and Beverages:
  • To complement its own fish and seafood products, Krauanagaz imports processed foods and beverages to meet diverse consumer preferences.

GDP (nominal):
1.004 trillion velliarizas (1,000,988,000,000 dollars)


Gross National Income (GNI):
1,011,221,921,454.72 VzS

GNI per Capita:
~10,740.03 VzS

Gini Coefficient:


Total Population:

States, territories and their population

State Magistrates Lupriaris Population % of Population
Krautallaz 59 10 18,504,320 19.83%
Zhzoatal 64 10 19,903,201 21.33%
Luanapríg Lupriyra 11 10 3,472,123 3.72%
Luanapríg Vellipriyra 31 10 9,709,332 10.41%
Prital Inaria 7 10 2,398,986 2.57%
Prital Kallaria 5 10 1,749,594 1.88%
Krauana Lupriyra 46 10 14,430,685 15.47%
Kevprig 70 10 21,493,937 23.04%
Lutavaras Arkas 3 10 948,394 1.02%
Mitallpríg 2 10 407,392 0.44%
Mitallzoatal 2 10 279,032 0.30%

Federation Ethnicities

  • Krautali - 48.3%
  • Mitalldukish 27.9%
  • Lupritali - 17.7%
  • Multiracial or other - 6.1%

Life expectancy at birth: 68.4 years

Mean years of schooling: 12.8 years

Expected years of schooling: 14-16 years