Koros - Pelinai Diplomatic Mission

On December 18th, ambassador Istaqa Linden boarded a 30 seat airplane. He and a small gathering of translators and aides flew across international airspace, the triple electric motor propelling them at a decent, brisk pace through the atmosphere. It was an unusual instruction; though an embassy had been established with the Merimang group, the delegation for the BFA had been missing in action since the electronics malfunction on the coast. The Pelinese success in restoring their electronics was noted by the Merimang embassy staff; making it’s way into the rumor mill afterwards, computer enthusiasts across the Koros government have been requesting an embassy, and positive talks with Pelinai.

So it goes. Istaqa was expecting belligerence, and maybe a hint of intrigue from his soon to be hosts. Perhaps he could entice them into acting favorably by pitching a project of some kind. In any case, the trip was set to bring two far corners of the South Pacific closer together - could something be as important as understanding?


1:49 PM UTC+3, December 18, 2022. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pelograd, Kingdom of Pelinai.

Ambassador Hanako Yukijo reviewed a page from a binder full of reference materials for the upcoming meeting with an ambassador from Koros.

”Koros is, relative to Pelinai, extremely socially liberal, somewhat socialist, environmentalist… Were I to make a list of societal characteristics that correlate negatively with a stable friendship with Pelinai, it would quickly become apparent that Koros checks most to all of them. A cordial relationship between our two states is unlikely to prove sustainable in the long term.”

”Perhaps; but embassies should be maintained with most states that are not in or about to be in an active conflict with us.” replied Minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Akirov, who was also preparing materials for the meeting. ”Societal incompatibility or not, there is no outstanding reason to deny an application for an embassy exchange with Koros.”

”Do you believe that there will be any other proposals made?”

”Trade, perhaps. Koros’ heavy industrial base has been completely pulverized by strict environmental protection legislation, and it will need to buy those goods from somewhere. Scientific cooperation or a university exchange program is also possible, though I have not yet been made aware of what the exact contents of such an agreement would be. Nothing more to do about it but continue preparations and wait.”

The primary Ministry of Foreign Affairs building of the Kingdom of Pelinai was situated in the capital city of Pelograd, on the western coast facing the Mediterranean Sea. About an hour’s drive away from the Pelograd International Airport, on one of the many wide avenues lined with small sakura trees and tirelessly patrolled by the officers and stealthily armored vehicles of the Pelinese Gendarmerie, lies the marble-clad structure where Minister Boris Akirov and his staff manage the important and trivial matters alike that compose the Kingdom of Pelinai’s foreign policy. The meeting room itself was sized to accommodate about 50 people, and was centered around a large pill-shaped oak table. Behind the place reserved for Minister Akirov, on the room’s northern end, were hung a Pelinese coat of arms, the seal of the Pelinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a Pelinayaka Orthodox cross. The lighting consisted of fluorescent ceiling lamps typical for an office environment. Outside, a welcoming detail was waiting to greet the diplomats from Koros and escort them to the meeting room upon their arrival.

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6:50 PM UTC +3, December 18, 2022. Nearing communication range with PIA Ground Control.

The flight had finished, and the pilot made an announcement to the passengers about their imminent arrival. The sound caused the ambassador to snort, and stir to wakefulness. Blinking many times, he acquainted himself with the light of his dull cabin. There was a crust in the corner of his eyes, and he removed the worst of it.

Istaqa turned to the closed window shade and lifted it open. Pelograd was in it’s late evening now; the absence of the sun highlighting the artificial lights of man. Though made murky by dark, the artificial lines between ocean, human settlements, and environment were appreciable- beautiful. It was an enjoyable city to view, a mild blanket of snow covering buildings and surfaces where it could. His gaze left the window, and he focused on his plane and pilot instead. They had finished their announcement, Istaqa apparently missing the most of it. It was alright, he had briefed himself before sleep. Perhaps there was more time to read… likely not, since the pilot was preparing to radio ahead.

"...Pelograd Air Traffic Control, this is Koros Government Flight DM3, requesting permission to enter Pelinese Airspace and land at Pelograd International Airport, over."

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6:50PM UTC+3, December 18, 2022. Pelograd, Kingdom of Pelinai.

”This is Pelograd Air Traffic Control, Koros Government Flight DM3 is cleared to land at Pelograd International Airport. Please proceed to Runway 4, over.

The asphalt runways of Pelograd International Airport were now illuminated and outlined by electric lamps, and the glass windows of the airport facilities themselves glowed as large white rectangles next to them. On the ground and inside the marble-tiled and brightly lit halls of the terminals and other structures are the many departments of customs police and security forces patrolling Pelinai’s largest node of travel into and out of the country outside of border checkpoints. The Directorate of Customs, Immigration, and Border Security, the Special Police Directorate, the Federal Police Directorate, and the Pelinese Gendarmerie all perform various duties in the name of defending the security of Pelinai and the airport itself. Outside waits a platoon of Life Guards from the 7th White Guards Infantry Division, which will provide secure escort to the Korosian diplomats during trips to their hotel and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The airport itself is illuminated by both fluorescent lighting and crystalline light fixtures placed on walls or hanging from ceilings, and decorative implements consisting of Pelinese Sakura motifs, Pelinayaka Orthodox Crosses, and stained “glass” windows made of synthetic amethyst, citrine, blue quartz, and other crystals. Unseasonal snow has gathered around the airport, though it evidently did not impede operations; Pelograd receives less snowfall than the mountains and Korolyeviya, but enough of it occurs during winter for the airport to be equipped to effectively deal with it.

”Of course; goodbye.”

”The Koros government flight is arriving at Pelograd International Airport now.”

”A bit later than I would have preferred, but this gives us time to prepare for the meeting tonight. I’m waiting on some documents from Minister Krasnosk and Miss Samolyova, which should be here by then.”

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7PM UTC+3, December 18, 2022. Pelograd, Kingdom of Pelinai

Thus the plane began it’s final descent, gliding downwards in routine fashion. Chatter from fellow passengers filled Istaqa’s ears, before the sound of activated breaks overtook it. They were there.

The first faces they saw after dismounting were the platoon of Life Guards. It wasn’t surprising, security can be a hot button issue for many. “Gentlemen,” Istaqa greeted in a professional Austral tone. “I trust the car ride will not be too taxing.” An hours worth of driving was bearable; just one more part of the job. Having to arrive at their destination at 8 pm local time was, less so.

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8PM UTC +3, December 18, 2022. Pelograd, Kingdom of Pelinai

That hour worth of driving had reminded Istaqa of one thing: how little he cared for cars. It was not the first time he stared at the back seat of something during transit. The scenery was as good as it would be if he was in a train. But, still, it left a bad taste in his mouth.

They arrived at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building, that marvelous construct. He took a moment to view it through the dark tint of the car’s window, before stepping out. His mood felt lifted by the sakura trees presence; he seemed to drag behind his aides for a moment, pace slowed, before quickening to match. They were almost in the building, now, and Istaqa braced for the first meeting.

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8:07 PM UTC+3, December 18, 2022. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pelograd, Kingdom of Pelinai.

After a few minutes of passing through security and walking around the expansive halls and offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which were mostly of a normal office decor save for being especially rich in Pelinese flags, Pelinayaka Orthodox crosses, and emblems of the Pelinese MoFA, the Korosian delegation is waved into a meeting room by its escorting guards. At the head of a large table in the center of the room, under a particularly well decorated Pelinayaka cross and set of Pelinese state symbols, sit two figures and some assisting staff. As the delegation enters the room, the two main Pelinese representatives stand up to approach it.

”Good evening, Mr. Linden, and welcome to the Kingdom of Pelinai. I am Minister Boris Akirov of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and this is Ambassador Hanako Yukijo.”

”Good evening, and pleased to meet you Mr. Linden.”

”I presume that you will require some time to get your documents in order before we begin proceedings, so please alert the staff when you are ready.”

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